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Bing Ads Academy: Website URL (Publisher) Report

NOTE: Updates have been made to this post to reflect our recent partnership with AOL; content viewed at this URL prior to February 2016 may differ from what you see here now.  

When advertising on the Bing Network, you have the option to advertise on just Bing and Yahoo! Search owned and operated sites, or owned and operated and syndicated search partner sites. By advertising on both owned and operated, and syndicated search partner sites you will benefit from an increased level of traffic to your website through your ads being shown on our search partner sites. The Website URL (publisher) report allows you to see which of the syndicated search partners and sites owned and operated by AOL your ads are appearing on, allowing you to evaluate their performance and exclude any websites that aren’t performing.


If you see any sites from the syndicated search partner network and sites owned and operated by AOL that you think are not performing well enough for you, i.e. not providing you with a good enough CTR, you can then block these sites in the user interface or editor tool.

In the user interface you will find the website exclusions option within the campaign settings option. You will need to add one website per line and to exclude an entire domain you just need to leave off the ‘www’ (e.g.


In the editor tool you will find the website exclusion option within the Campaign targeting hub. Again as you do with the UI you should enter one website per line and to exclude a whole domain you just need to leave off the ‘www’.


Don’t have Bing Ads Editor – download it here now.

We recommend to check the Website URL (publisher) report every month or so to ensure that you are happy with the performance you are receiving from the sites available on the syndicated partner network.

Next up in the Bing Ads Academy blog series, we will go through the Negative Conflict Report, helping you to ensure your negatives aren’t blocking any relevant traffic.