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One Display URL Domain per Ad Group

Display URL plays a vital role in ad copy, as it signals users on where they’ll get redirected to after clicking. An example of a display URL is “,” marked in green in the below ad copy:


Typically, the purpose of an ad group is to bring together related ads and keywords under a common theme and therefore, sharing the same display URL domain for all ads.

In our efforts to provide our users with a high quality experience, we’ve decided to enforce an additional check for display URLs belonging to an ad group. Beginning August 31st, we will allow only single display domain to be associated with an ad group. This amendment will be global and will apply to ad groups across countries and languages.

What display URLs will be allowed?

All URLs hosted in the same site, including subdomains sharing the same domain, will be allowed. Here are some examples to illustrate what compliant and non-compliant sets of display URLs within an ad group might look like:

Ad Group 1

Ad Group 2


All the URLs shown under ‘Ad Group 1’ are allowed because they share the same top-level or root domain of “”, even though the URLs are different. The URLs shown under ‘Ad Group 2’ are not allowed because they don’t have the same root domain.

How will I know if my ad groups are non-compliant?

Once the policy is rolled out at the end of the month, we will start disapproving non-compliant ad groups; rejected ads will have the following message listed in the Bing Ads UI:

Similar messaging will be available in Bing Ads Editor.

Corrective action plan

While most of our advertisers today follow the practice of having one domain per ad group for display URLs, action will be required from those who do not. If any of your ad groups contain multiple domains for your display URLs, align the ads into separate ad groups so that ads within an ad group contain same domain for display URLs to avoid any disruption caused by disapprovals.

Also, ensure that display URLs and landing page URLs also share the same top level domain and adhere to all Bing Ads editorial policies for display URL.

Can I request an exception?

While we do acknowledge that there might be scenarios requiring the presence of different display domains to be associated with same ad group, we will not be able to provide an exception. This change is being implemented in our efforts to help you categorize your ad groups better.

Thanks for reading and, as always, we're happy to hear your thoughts on enhancements we can make to improve your Bing Ads experience. Stay connected with us through Feature Suggestion ForumTwitter, or Bing Ads Feedback.