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‘Tis the season to excel with your Microsoft Advertising campaigns

August 2019

Spending is up

In 2019, holiday shoppers are not only making their lists and checking them twice, they’re also expected to drive more sales both online and in stores compared with last year.

Holiday sales in 2019 are expected to top $1.035 trillion.

Holiday sales in 2019 are expected to top $1.035 trillion.

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Customers want flexible shopping options

Consumer preference for seamless shopping experiences and immediacy is fueling the rise of “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPUS) orders.

50% year-over-year BOPUS order growth.

BOPUS orders increased 50% year-over-year during the 5-day holiday weekend in 2018.

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Microsoft Search Network shoppers are searching and spending

The Microsoft Search Network has huge reach and is a great opportunity to impact your customers’ decision journeys. Represent your brand at its best, every day, among the millions of our audience that are not found on Google.

125 million total unique monthly PC searchers. 5.56 billion total monthly PC searches.

The Microsoft Search Network has 125 million total unique monthly PC searchers and 5.56 billion total monthly PC searches in the US.

33% more spent on average compared to the average internet user.


The Microsoft Search Network audience spends 33% more when compared to average internet users.

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Plan smarter customer journeys

Learn more about how to make the most of the holiday shopping season and get other helpful insights from Microsoft Advertising to shape your strategies. Our tips and tricks can help you create engaging, personalized experiences through which you can grow your brand and business together.

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