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Microsoft Retail solutions

Learn how to manage and showcase targeted and personalized ads to sell your products using Shopping campaigns and Retail Media.

Benefits of retail solutions

AI-powered self-service platform

Easily promote your brands and products through self-service platforms using Shopping campaigns and Retail Media campaigns. And use AI-powered tools to simplify campaign creation, creative generation, and performance optimization.

Greater visibility and reach

Reach a large range of shoppers across mobile and desktop devices, showcasing your products throughout the entirety of the customer shopping journey.

More informed shoppers

Provide key information about a product before a shopper engages with the ad - such as what the product looks like and pricing- to bring them closer to making a purchase.

Key features for retail solutions

Microsoft Retail Media campaigns for advertisers

Boost brand awareness and product sales by targeting first-party shoppers of key retailers across onsite, offsite and in-store using Microsoft Retail Media*.

Shopping campaigns

Bring shoppers one step closer to making a purchase decision—even before they click—and include helpful details like average review ratings and special deals.  

Boost brand awareness and product sales through retail solutions