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Microsoft Advertising App

Now you can manage your ads from your Android, iPhone or iPad device. Wherever you are, whenever you need, the mobile app makes it easy for you to access and update your account on the go.

Benefits of using Microsoft Advertising App

Monitor performance on the go

View performance data for accounts, ad groups, ads, campaigns, and keywords to see if you need to make adjustments.

Take action to improve your account

Make quick changes to ads, budgets, campaigns, keywords, and more while you're away from your desktop.

View and apply recommendations

Monitor up-to-date recommendations for your account and apply the ones that can improve your account performance.

Stay connected to your campaigns

Get notifications in real time, such as when your credit card is about to expire, and info on ad disapprovals.

Monitor your campaigns on the go with Microsoft Advertising App

Start using the mobile app and stay connected to your campaigns