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Discover the latest 5G search trends

July 2019

Fifth generation mobile networks (5G) promise to revolutionize most aspects of the world around us. With higher speeds, improved reliability and low latency, 5G opens up endless possibilities to disrupt various industries and give IoT (Internet of Things) the infrastructure needed to thrive. 5G will enable us to have more connected homes and smarter cities, all with reliable wireless connection. Telecom companies have started to test and gradually roll out 5G wireless service in select cities across the United States. As service rolls out and consumers become increasingly aware of 5G, this Power BI dashboard will provide consumer search query trends on Bing, giving us a glimpse of what people are seeking to learn and/or find as it pertains to 5G connectivity. This dashboard will be regularly refreshed to provide current trends and consumer insights that will help researchers, marketers and advertisers plan their search strategies on Bing and beyond.