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Help drive more clicks with the Maximize Clicks bid strategy

automated bidding bid strategy bing ads tool screenshot

Ever since we introduced the Enhanced CPC bid strategy last year, a top request has been for us to support fully automated bidding. We’re excited to introduce the newest member of our bid strategy family: Maximize Clicks. This bid strategy is designed to help you maximize your click volumes within your current budget. When you use this strategy, simply set your budget, and Bing Ads will automatically set bids to help you maximize the clicks you are receiving within your budget. With automated bidding, you no longer need to manage keyword bids individually.

How to get started

There are two ways to get started with Maximize Clicks:
  1. In the Campaigns tab, there is a header option labeled Bid strategy type. Within this menu option, you can select Automated bidding: Set my bid to maximize clicks.
automated bidding option preview
  1. In your campaign settings, there is a section labeled Bid strategy. Here you can select Automated bidding: Set my bid to maximize clicks from the drop-down menu.
campaign budget options screenshot

If you want additional control, you can also optionally set a maximum cost per click that will apply to all your automated bids in this campaign:

bid strategy automatic bidding screenshot

Note that Maximize Clicks is not yet available for Bing Shopping Campaigns.

Managing bid strategies for ad groups and keywords

If you want to manage your top-performing keywords manually while having Maximize Clicks automatically optimize your long-tail keywords, or any other mix-and-match approach, you can choose to manually manage the bid strategies of either your ad groups or keywords. Each ad group and keyword can be selected to use the parent campaign bid strategy or to have bids set manually. To set up manual bids for any ad group or keyword, you choose which ones and then select the Use my bid option under the Bid strategy menu of any ad group or keyword grid.

use campaign bid strategy screenshot

Changes to the bid column

For automated bids, you’ll see the text (auto) prepended to the current bid. Remember that with Maximize Clicks, Bing Ads will set bids for you. This means that you won’t be able to make changes to your bids. To make changes to your bids, you’ll have to change your bid strategy to Use my bid.

How do I know if Maximize Clicks is working?

With Maximize Clicks, you don't need to set ad group or keyword bids. Microsoft Advertising automatically sets your bids in real time to get as many clicks as possible within your budget. We recommend allowing Maximize Clicks to run for at least a month before comparing results to past bid strategies, as our bidding models use that time to learn and optimize.

Can Maximize Clicks work together with my bid management tool?

Unfortunately, no. Maximize Clicks does not coordinate with third-party bid management tools. With Maximize Clicks, Bing Ads will set all your bids where you have turned on the feature. This means that Bing Ads would likely overwrite any bids set by a third-party bid management tool. If you’re looking for a bid strategy that works well together with bid management tools, we encourage you to consider one of our alternative bid strategies — Enhanced CPC.

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