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Holiday Hub: An early Christmas gift from Bing Ads

The last thing you want during the holidays is a silent night for your business. Studies show that up to 40 percent of yuletide shoppers begin searching and purchasing before they’ve even finished carving their pumpkins1. Don’t let business pass by during the busiest shopping season of the year. With the Bing Ads Holiday Hub, you don’t have to let business pass you by.

Our Holiday Hub brings joy to the world of Bing Ads advertisers who use the Hub by offering a one-stop shop for preparing holiday campaigns. No matter where you are on your search marketing journey, the Holiday Hub provides insights, tools, and tips that can help you design and build your campaigns for your holiday advertising season. Considering that Bing Network shoppers spend 20 percent more than the average internet shopper, such guidance could prove quite valuable2. True story.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Watch our Bing in the Holidays webcast and learn about best practices from holiday experts at Bing Ads and Merkle. They’ll show you ways to design, launch and enhance festive holiday campaigns.
  2. Check out our interactive Holiday Planning Guide. It breaks down the season into key periods, so  that all’s calm and your earnings potential is bright. Track key dates and get checklists about the best search and sale days. Discover seasonal searcher insights and spending habits so you can drill down to learn how to capture your target audience on Bing Network.
  3. Take a peek at our Bing Ads latest research on online and offline shopping behaviors during the holiday season Offline Revenue Impact of Paid Search eBook. If you’ve ever wondered how your paid search campaigns impact in-store purchases, this is the eBook for you. We also looked at how the holidays can affect offline revenue over ad spend (ROAS). Find out why it’s so valuable to deploy campaigns that include brand, non-brand, and Bing Shopping Campaigns, especially during the holidays.
  4. For new Bing Network advertisers, let our SEM Campaign Toolkit show you what your campaign can look like based on your website. The key to successful paid search strategy is alignment to your business goals. Use this toolkit to take the first step.
  5. Preview your holiday ads before you deploy them. Our Ad Preview Tool provides a sandbox where you can test out and preview customized holiday ads. You tell us what you want to advertise and what kind of website traffic, phone calls, or store visitors you want, and we’ll provide results that help you choose the best way for customers to find you on the Bing Network.
  6. Finally, learn Bing Shopping Campaigns best practices for your product ads, and how to structure and define your product feeds to help searchers find your inventory.
All marketers, from novices to paid search gurus, want to increase website visits, get more phone calls and drive more in-store traffic to your business.  

Work with your Bing Ads account team this season and keep coming back to the Holiday Hub to learn what you can do to optimize your paid search campaigns with Bing Ads today.

1 Source 2016 Deloitte Holiday Survey.
2 Microsoft Internal Data, Bing Network, 2016.