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Bing Ads advertisers getting results with Enhanced CPC

It’s been four months since we announced the availability of Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC) bidding to businesses advertising on Bing. We’ve seen a tremendous response from advertisers across the globe – so much so that it has surpassed our own expectations. If you haven’t tried ECPC yet give it a try today!


How to enable Enhanced CPC

You can enable ECPC in your campaign settings, next to Bid strategy, as shown below.

Bid strategy can be changed for Ad Groups and Keywords if required. For details, check out this step-by-step guide to setting up Enhanced CPC on our Help page.

How Enhanced CPC works

As you may know, ECPC improves your chance of increasing sales leads and conversions by automatically adjusting your bids in real time. It allows the system to adjust yours bids up to 30% higher on users that are more likely to convert and bid up to 100% less on users less likely to convert. The joy of ECPCs?
  1. Increase campaign conversions
  2. Lower your CPAs
  3. Improve your ROI in Bing Ads
To decide whether a click is likely to provide a lead or not, we consider signals like search query intent, how close the user is to a purchase decision, time of day and historic performance of your ad.
Since its launch we’ve seen the following performance for ECPC-enabled campaigns:
  • An increase in the number of leads and conversions for businesses of all sizes
  • More leads and conversions without any additional investment in customer acquisition increasing the return on ad spend
  • An increase in conversions within a business’s cost-per-acquisition target

Examples from advertisers

Our teams have been working with advertisers using ECPC and have seen these results:
  • Before ECPC was introduced, an online travel portal found itself struggling to increase traffic at its desired CPC acquisition. This was limiting their ability to keep up with other travel portals by acquiring the number of leads necessary to stay competitive. After reaching out to the Bing team, the firm began to utilize ECPC and within weeks, results surpassed their expectations. Their conversion rate improved by 14 percent and acquisition cost decreased by 8 percent. These impressive results allowed them to increase spend and raise its competitive standing in the market.
  • A mid-segment US based travel agency was struggling to get their desired return-on-spend during the off-peak travel season. The Bing team helped the agency set up ECPC and within weeks traffic on the travel portal increased by 75 percent. Conversions also increased by 33 percent.
  • As part of its constant performance optimization strategy, an online travel agency tried ECPC across various target markets. In one of market, conversion rate improved by 50 percent. In other markets the goal was increased traffic volume without a drop in conversion rates. To the agency’s surprise, visits increased as expected without any drop in conversion rates.

Thank you for your feedback

There are numerous examples around the world – be it a textile firm in Germany, an online content design site in the UK, a car wheel business in France or a consumer software firm in Canada – of advertisers achieving more with ECPC.  We recommend giving it a try, and sharing your results with us. Share any other comments or suggestions in our feedback forum, on Twitter or by emailing us at