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Reach engaged audiences on Microsoft premium properties

November 06, 2023
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Streamlined access to Microsoft Start, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Casual Games, and Microsoft 365 across formats and markets

When you advertise on Microsoft you can reach over one billion people—including millions you’re not reaching anywhere else. Engage with consumers while they’re browsing, creating, tabulating, or playing on Microsoft apps and websites.

With the diverse content and tremendous consumer base of Microsoft, imagine the ways you can evolve your ad strategy forward. With Microsoft, you can now easily access display, native, or video ads on Microsoft Start, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Casual Games, and Microsoft 365 globally. Your potential reach is nearly limitless.

Unleash the power of Microsoft apps and websites

Microsoft has a diverse set of brands that consumers know and love—from a news site to work applications to online games—and can help you achieve your marketing goals whether it’s scale, performance, or engagement.

For example, when your consumer opens the Microsoft Start to be informed, productive, entertained, or inspired, you’ll have an ad tailored just for them. Whatever your consumer is doing—reading the latest sports news, researching restaurants nearby, checking the weather, or shopping—you can reach them right inside the Microsoft Start app or website with a seamless native ad among news stories or an impactful instream video ad. And that’s just one example of the many Microsoft apps and websites you can advertise on.

Connecting you to valuable consumers you care about

Today, for many in the workforce, the lines have blurred between “work hours” and time spent running errands, taking a yoga class, streaming video, researching products online, or shopping online or in-store.

In fact, 62% of people regularly do personal tasks such as research or make purchases during their worktime.1 This seismic shift in the way people do work and life is a powerful opportunity for you, and we can help you better connect with these consumers across digital channels.

With Microsoft you can reach a business owner crafting an email in Microsoft Outlook, a running shoes consumer scrolling a personalized newsfeed via Microsoft Start on Edge, a student using Excel in the Microsoft 365 Android mobile app, or a Solitaire superuser in Microsoft Casual Games. From a browser window, an app, a game, or ads in Outlook appear at the top of the message list—you now have access to one integrated solution to help you strategically grow your business.

Scaled, streamlined access. Multiple ad formats. Millions of people.

Accessing Microsoft properties has never been easier. Tap into a full-funnel, digital advertising offering with a more direct and efficient path to Microsoft’s premium inventory across formats and markets in one platform. On top of that, our dedicated in-house sales team can help you along the way to achieve your campaign goals.

Contact us today to launch ad campaigns that reach a global audience—across devices, with your choice of ad formats, and on Microsoft apps and websites that empower people to do more. More learning, more gaming, more creating, and beyond.

[1] “The Workday Consumer Has Logged In.” A Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper commissioned by Microsoft, February 2022.


  • Jessica Wang


    Jessica Wang

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