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Updated Microsoft Audience Network editorial policy

November 12, 2021
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Alert: Updated Microsoft Audience Network policy

We are always evaluating our policies as we work to create greater uniformity in the ads that are displayed across our publishers while taking into account publisher preferences.

Advertising for the following products and services will no longer be allowed on the Microsoft Audience Network, as well as on native advertising served by our partners on Microsoft owned and operated properties such as MSN and Outlook:

  • Lawsuit advertising/invitations to participate in a lawsuit
  • End-of-life products and services, including but not limited to cremation services, funeral flowers, urns, coffins, and obituaries
  • Health supplements and vitamins
    • Enforcement for supplement and vitamin ads that are currently running on the network will not begin until January. Please note that ads escalated through complaints that are found to violate other policies will be taken down prior to January.
  • Gambling
    • This has been disallowed on the Microsoft Audience Network and will now be disallowed on native advertising served on Microsoft owned and operated properties by our partners as well.

More information

For more information about this and other Microsoft Advertising policies or guidelines, please visit our policy site.

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