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Microsoft Monetize: empowering your revenue in a multi-channel world

May 09, 2024
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Microsoft Advertising has transformed from its search engine origins into a multi-format, omnichannel, ad tech leader with a global reach. The strategic acquisition of Xandr has also enhanced international growth and helped diversify Microsoft Advertising's advertising base to over 500,000 advertisers.

Microsoft Monetize, powered by Xandr, is a key component of the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem, providing access to diverse buyer demand, unique data insights and robust management tools, empowering publishers with the maximum revenue opportunity for their inventory. Monetize is designed to work together with our other platforms to streamline the advertising process, providing a competitive demand advantage and positioning Microsoft to lead future media monetization efforts. We are here to serve our publishers by providing solutions that allow them to monetize their content, no matter the device, channel, or format.

The challenge of fully leveraging digital inventory

From media owners and distributors, including major TV programmers, to web-first omnichannel publishers who own a multitude of digital inventory types—common operational and monetization challenges remain in the complex task of managing diverse ad formats and sales channels across numerous platforms. Among publishers, there is a need for streamlined solutions that simplify execution across all types of inventory and transactions, creating time and space to focus on buyer relationships and the consumer experience.

Microsoft Monetize: your holistic inventory solution

Microsoft Monetize is a strategic selling platform, which enables publishers to unlock the full value of their programmatic inventory with holistic inventory management controls and differentiated buyer demand. Our vision is to make advertising work better for media companies; we are uniquely positioned to offer the scaled, streamlined buying and selling platform the industry needs and to shape media monetization for the future. 

With Monetize, Microsoft’s audience insights and Xandr’s data-driven platforms are leveraged to increase demand and monetization opportunities and secure your businesses’ future across various channels. As one of the largest programmatic marketplaces, Monetize offers premium demand access across all formats and devices, including Connected TV (CTV), video, display, native, audio, and mobile. Our vision at Microsoft Advertising is to ensure publishers have access to a platform that offers a holistic approach to selling and buying in a secure environment.

Through premium deals and holistic demand channel management, Microsoft Advertising sets us up to strategically optimize global revenue.

— Carsten Schwecke, Chairman of the Board, Media Impact, Axel Springer and Funke Mediengruppe

3 ways Microsoft Monetize transforms inventory into opportunity

  1. Global scale- We stand out in the global market by servicing all types of businesses from search, an operating system, news publishing, gaming, a B2B social network, and communication tools—all enhanced by top-tier ad technology. Our expansive network includes over 1500 publishers, with more than 860 dedicated to CTV, showcasing our commitment to a thriving and secure advertising future. Our extensive integrations within Monetize facilitate global scaling and operational efficiency for any type of publisher business.
  2. Unique proprietary demand - We provide a demand advantage from a dual-sided focus on buyer and seller solutions. Microsoft's strategic buying platforms, including Microsoft Advertising platform, LinkedIn Audience Network, Microsoft Invest, and Microsoft Curate, offer unique demand by connecting media companies to over 500,000 advertisers. Additionally, Microsoft Curate enables no lift revenue opportunities for Monetize publishers by enabling curators to layer their proprietary data on Monetize inventory to create curated packages for buyers for a differentiated demand source.
  3. An efficient buying path - We do this by having buy and sell-side platforms on the same infrastructure, offering benefits such as reduced latency, fewer discrepancies, and simplified troubleshooting, which in turn maximizes revenue. Competitive rates and transparent agreements further streamline transactions, enhancing the value of media dollars from our direct participants. For instance, Microsoft’s inventory is readily available through Monetize, and our first-party data is exclusive to our proprietary bidders, fostering additional buyer relationships and investment in our marketplace. Monetize connects publishers to a broad demand ecosystem, as well as over 80 DSP partners, ensuring access to diverse demand sources and enabling connections with the specific demand that publishers seek through our buying platform, curated deals, and strong advertiser relationships.

More than 1,500 premium publishers leverage Microsoft Monetize for their monetization needs today, including Netflix—whose ad-supported plan is exclusively supported by the power of Microsoft's end to-end platform.

Get started and work with a future-forward solution to help you navigate the digital advertising ecosystem. Microsoft Monetize brings more demand and monetization opportunities to future proof your business across all channels, Unlock the full value of your inventory today: Learn more.


  • Jessica Wang


    Jessica Wang

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