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Microsoft Advertising brings inventory in-house through Monetize SSP

March 06, 2023
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In the coming months, Microsoft is transitioning the majority of Display, Native, and In-stream Video Inventory on MSN, Outlook, and Microsoft Casual Games to Microsoft Advertising’s in-house technology and sales teams. This inventory will be available to the market through Monetize SSP.

Microsoft acquired Xandr last year to accelerate our ability to deliver more robust adtech solutions for publishers and advertisers. This transition reinforces the company’s commitment to full stack digital advertising solutions and a common goal of streamlining advertisers’ access to premium inventory across the open web.

Agencies and brands will be able to tap into a full-funnel, digital advertising offering with a more direct path to Microsoft’s premium supply across formats and markets in one platform, Monetize SSP.

Benefits to advertisers include:

  • More direct and scalable access to Microsoft inventory across formats, screens, and markets
  • Greater efficiencies by transacting through a single platform
  • Streamlined support from Microsoft’s own in-house sales teams for easier management of full-funnel advertising goals

This inventory can be bought via the advertisers’ DSP of choice, with most major DSPs already having integrations with Monetize SSP.

Advertisers can unlock added benefits buying through Invest DSP or the Microsoft Audience Network for the most direct path to Microsoft supply. With both a DSP and a SSP, Microsoft and Xandr provide an end-to-end platform with extensive advantages such as scaled audience buys, easier troubleshooting, and limited discrepancies.

Microsoft and Xandr are excited to take this next step in bringing together Microsoft’s advertising formats and expanding advertisers’ ability to reach valuable audiences. We’re committed to working with all partners to ensure a smooth transition and will be reaching out soon.

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  • Lynne Kjolso


    Lynne Kjolso

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