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Introducing Microsoft pubCenter: Empowers small and medium-sized businesses to earn more from their website

October 26, 2023

It’s an understatement to say life is busy for small and medium-sized business owners. As a founder, blogger, or SMB innovator, you juggle a lot—meaning everything: from creating a product to offering a service, managing a team, and developing ad content to promote your product or website.

Money is going out to bring money in. Money is coming in, but never fast enough. You want more traffic to your site. You crave more time with your family and friends. With work often being a 24/7 lifestyle, you’re always seeking new ways to easily bring in more income.

Created with you in mind, we developed Microsoft pubCenter. It’s a simple way for creators and small to medium-sized publishers to earn money from their site with a code-on-page ad solution.

Sign up today and start earning more with Microsoft pubCenter.

Microsoft pubCenter: A simple and effective way to monetize your content

Here’s how Microsoft pubCenter works: you enable ads to be shown on your site, advertisers from the Microsoft Advertising Network compete for your ad space, and when ads serve on your website—you earn money.

For example, a blogger has been building their audience with awesome content about where to hike in their community. But operating their website is starting to get expensive. They can use Microsoft pubCenter to monetize their site with ads to help offset costs.

Or a small business owner has already been monetizing their site with Google AdSense and is now interested in trying another ad network. They can easily get started with Microsoft pubCenter, enable mediation with their existing Google AdSense account, and increase the money they make from advertising.

Monetize your website with highly personalized and relevant native and display ads that match customer intent and profiles. Unlike other programmatic platforms, you can easily get started with Microsoft pubCenter.

Display and native ads with Microsoft pubCenter.

With Microsoft pubCenter you earn with every ad served

Your goal as a business owner is to attract new customers and retain your loyal audience. When people engage with impactful native and display ad formats that complement your site, you create a seamless customer experience, which in turn builds brand affinity.

Plus, as a creator, you’re in control. With Microsoft pubCenter you have the flexibility to decide how many ads go on your site and where your ads are placed. And because you know your audience best, you can easily block content that won’t resonate.

Microsoft pubCenter serves ads that drive higher engagement and more revenue for you. We offer flexible mediation—simply use our ads in the same units with Google AdSense, and we’ll only serve our ads when we can predict a higher bid for you. You can also place the Microsoft ad code on the same page alongside your other ads.

Access demand from across the Microsoft Advertising Network, including both Microsoft Invest and the Microsoft Advertising Platform with thousands of advertisers.

Drive more engagement on your site with relevant ads

More traffic to your site means more revenue. Engage your audience with impactful ads that consumers are more likely to click. It’s all in your hands—you decide how to manage and direct your inventory.

Choose your ads. Paste website code. Earn.

Start monetizing your content right away with no sign-up costs, revenue minimums, or volume requirements to get started. Just select your ad format, place one piece of code on your website, and get back to doing what you really love—building your business. And the millions of other tasks on your to-do list.

Get started in Microsoft pubCenter

Sign up today to maximize your content and earn more with Microsoft pubCenter.

In this pilot release phase, we welcome all business owners in the United States—and we’re excited to offer Microsoft pubCenter globally in the coming months.

Our vision is to empower all founders and creators to achieve more. Let’s take your business and income to the next level.


  • Nicholas Bolt


    Nicholas Bolt

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