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Third-party government services advertising pilot

March 29, 2023
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We’re excited to announce that starting today, we’ll begin a pilot to allow advertising by delegated or authorized providers of certain government services with review and pre-approval.

This advertising will be limited to the Microsoft Advertising Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network in the United States. Other markets aren’t available at this time.

Only the following government products/services will be considered during this pilot unless otherwise approved by Microsoft:

  • Recreational passes/licenses including but not limited to, hunting license, fishing license, national park pass, forest pass, among others.
  • Vehicle registration and title services including but not limited to registration renewal, replacement of lost title, replacement of lost tabs/sticker, among others.
  • Vital records including but not limited to birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, among others.

Advertisers must apply for participation in the pilot. The following information will be required:

  • The products/services that they plan to advertise.
  • A list of states that they’ll be targeting for each product/service.
  • Proof of delegation/authorization for each product/service in the applicable state where they’ll be advertising.

Advertisers must comply with all regulatory and licensing requirements for the specific locations where their ads will be served. Additionally, they must comply with all Microsoft Advertising policies.

More information

To learn about the policies for this pilot, visit our pilot policy page, the policy will include the application link. To learn about other Microsoft Advertising policies or guidelines, visit our policy site.

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