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Conversion setup wizard and other product updates for March

March 07, 2023
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Happy March, and welcome to this month’s edition of the Microsoft Advertising product roundup! Have you gotten to try out the new Bing yet? We’re still excited about the possibilities for both consumers and advertisers. We’ve also gotten to celebrate Americas finalists for the Partner Awards, our Prestashop partnership, and shared some insights on automation in performance marketing and audience targeting.

As far as product updates go, there’s more to share, so let’s dive in!

This month’s top story: Code-free custom conversion setup wizard

We’re simplifying how you can set up your custom conversion tracking. By having Microsoft Clarity insights for Microsoft Advertising enabled within your Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag setup, you can now set up sophisticated conversion tracking by event without any coding needed.

Previously, a manual tag setup required updating website code. Now, with this new code-free flow, you can be set up with just a few clicks. Check out this demo of the experience:

View of the Add event tag platform.

To help boost your return on investment (ROI), now you can track conversions by event without any code or scripts needed (for example, Purchase event with Revenue parameter). Work with your Microsoft Advertising account teams to get started with this simplified setup today.

Easily clean up UET tags with deletion option

This month, we’re also rolling out a new option within the UET settings to delete unused tags as needed. If you have a new website, need to clean up conversion data, have duplicate tags, or more, you can now check the box next to the undesired UET tag and delete it.

Note that tags can only be deleted if they aren’t associated with a conversion goal, audience, or shared with another account.

Custom combination updates

We’ve now fully released some updates to Custom combinations that we mentioned last month. You’re now able to create combined lists of the following audience types: Customer Match, Custom Audiences, Remarketing, and Dynamic Remarketing. Previously, it was only possible to combine Customer Match with other Customer Match lists, or Custom Audiences with other Custom Audiences. Work with your Microsoft Account team to start using this feature.

Multimedia Ads with logos

To add your company’s brand logo to your Multimedia Ads, you can now quickly do that in Microsoft Advertising online. To get started, you can upload up to five square (1:1) logo images and five landscape (4:1) logo images.

Use the Logos section in the Create an ad platform to include your logo.

Make sure you use high-resolution JPG or PNG images, so they don’t pixelate or degrade across screens. Note that Ad preview is not yet available for logos, and support for Microsoft Advertising Editor is coming soon.

New shopping markets in North America

Coming later in March, we’re excited to finally enable shopping advertisers to upload feeds in new markets in North America: French in Canada and Spanish in the United States. This helps your potential customers see ads in their preferred query language in their country.

Example of ads in French in the search engine results page.

Once this is available later in March, you can upload your new feeds using the existing file feed upload process. And when they’re uploaded, ads will be shown in the user’s query language in the associated countries.

New experience for location extensions: Local Search Ads

Finally, we have an update that enhances location extensions with a new ad experience that’ll run on the local results entity on Bing’s search engine results page as well as Bing Maps on PC: Local Search Ads. This will provide your business location and details in more places and with greater prominence than your competitors.

This is now available in North America on PC.

Look of the Local Search Ads user experience.

That’s all for March—We’ll see you back here on April 4 with another recap. Take care, everyone!

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    Kevin Salat

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