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Blog post

Updates to Advertiser Identity Verification

August 15, 2023
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In June, we published a blog update sharing that Advertiser Identity Verification (AIV) would be required for all customers prior to August 1, to continue showing ads globally.

After additional review and consideration, our approach to unverified advertisers has been slightly modified to provide additional time to optimize our process while reducing impact to our customers.

All advertisers will still be asked to complete AIV when they set up a new account. Ads will only be paused in a few scenarios for advertisers whose verification has not been completed:

  • Advertisers whose ads will serve in the European Economic Area (EEA) will have 30 days to complete verification for ads to continue serving in the EEA.
    • If AIV is not complete within 30 days, eligibility to serve ads in the EEA will be suspended until successful completion of AIV.
  • Advertisers whose account has been flagged by systematic checks related to risk for advertisers or those who use our products.
    • Ads will not serve globally until successful completion of AIV.
  • Advertisers whose account has been suspended for policy violations, who have not already completed AIV.
    • Successful completion of AIV will be the first step for the advertiser to be able to appeal the suspension.

As this continues to roll out across advertisers, the scope of ads that may be paused may expand over time as we continue to learn and evaluate the process, as well as any risks for our users.

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