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Welcome to Property Center: Your gateway to managing Lodging Campaigns

July 01, 2024
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Over the past year, we have been focused on helping you attract more customers to your property and increase bookings for your business with Microsoft Advertising. Our efforts have included expanding our global presence, introducing the industry’s first vacation rental offering in Property Promotion Ads, releasing the Property Type Badge, launching Lodging Campaigns, and much more.

Starting today, we are delighted to present you to Property Center, the evolution of Hotel Center, and announce the general availability of Lodging Campaigns globally. These are two powerful features that will help boost your bookings and streamline your management of Hotel Price Ads and Property Promotion Ads.

What is Property Center?

Property Center is your gateway to Lodging Campaigns. Property Center now offers you more control, as it allows you to directly upload and manage your assets for Lodging Campaigns, making it easier to run Hotel Price Ads and Property Promotion Ads for your hotel or vacation rental property.

How to get started with Property Center?

To start taking advantage of Property Center, follow these steps:

  1. Review Resources: Please review the latest information on Property Center in our comprehensive help pages and API content.
  2. Sign In and Explore: Sign in to your Microsoft Advertising account and navigate to Property Center from the Tools tab to start using this new feature.
  3. Get Support: If you have any further questions, please reach out to Ad Support or your account team for assistance.

Lodging Campaigns Now Globally Available

With simplified campaign creation, enhanced reporting, and improved bidding and budgeting options, Lodging Campaigns are now available to all customers globally. They offer you more control over the management of your campaigns and help drive more impressions and clicks of your ads. Starting today, any customer can run Hotel Price Ads and Property Promotion Ads to expand the reach and drive more bookings for any hotel or vacation rental property that they own or manage.

We’re excited for you to experience the benefits of Property Center and Lodging Campaigns. Don't miss this opportunity to reach more customers and boost your bookings with Microsoft Advertising.


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