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How Microsoft is innovating in video advertising

December 14, 2023
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By 2024, 68% of the US will be streaming their favorite shows on Netflix, Roku, and more. 1 Consumers are captivated by the stories, characters, and moments on video and Connected TV (CTV)—from documentaries to binge-watchable series. The drama everyone’s talking about. The comedy that makes everyone laugh. Or the game that keeps everyone glued to the finish line.

What’s more, in the US, 90% of Gen Z now use two screens simultaneously, combining internet and TV. 2 So, while people are streaming their favorite shows, they’re also sending an email, buying a holiday gift, booking travel, and beyond.

Clearly, the CTV opportunity is real. There’s an accelerated trend towards CTV and (over-the-top) OTT platforms, with consumers spending more time than ever consuming streaming media. The great news is there’s more content and access points available to advertisers now than ever before—and leveraging a video and CTV advertising strategy is one of the most powerful ways to connect with audiences and build brand awareness.

But with the rapid growth and evolution of streaming video, advertisers are asking, how do you reach viewers most effectively within a fragmented and competitive landscape?

We can help. On December 7, 2023, Microsoft Advertising hosted a webcast to empower advertisers to build a successful video and CTV advertising strategy.

Combining unique data signals, exclusive partnerships with streaming platforms, video supply, and a video buying workflow tailored to your needs, Microsoft Advertising enables advertisers to effectively reach audiences and drive performance on video and CTV.

Read on to learn more about the webcast—or watch the webcast replay—to learn how Microsoft Advertising can guide your video and CTV ads by:

  • Innovating with top streaming platforms, through exclusive partnerships and leadership in artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Helping you overcome video buying challenges with unique audiences, consolidated deal buying, and cross-channel measurement solutions.
  • Offering a unique tech stack to transact the way you want, with an integrated platform adapting to your business needs.

Driving innovation with top streaming platforms

Microsoft is exclusively powering Netflix’s ad-supported plan. Microsoft Advertising empowers you to create ads and serve them to deeply engaged, global audiences that are watching some of the most popular series and films on Netflix.

We can also help you find the right audience, achieve scale on fragmented supply, ensure brand safety and fight fraud, and align on currency. Reach your audiences at scale on the most premium supply, with over 860 CTV publishers, 100 billion weekly US CTV and video impressions, and 1,200 always-on video deals on our premium video catalog.

All up, Microsoft Advertising offers a one-stop shop for video and CTV ad buying, from discovery to activation. You have the freedom to leverage the unique Microsoft Advertising tech stack that empowers you to transact the way you want.

You can also leverage Microsoft’s powerful data signals to reach exclusive search-based audiences, with billions of permissioned first-party data points, combined across multiple properties.

Imagine the possibilities of your ad campaigns as you increase your reach, improve return on investment (ROI), and automate your campaigns at scale.

A premium and scalable marketplace

Reach your audiences at scale with Microsoft Advertising.

Video buying tailored to your needs

Microsoft Advertising’s unique tech stack enables you to transact the way you want and activate your campaigns in a way that suits your business needs.

In the Microsoft Advertising platform, get your video and CTV ads running on Microsoft’s broad network in just a few clicks, without any onboarding nor setup fees. Alternatively, Microsoft Invest (powered by Xandr) is an enterprise-level DSP that enables you to run customized media buying strategies across channels and formats.

Ready to get started?

Watch the webcast today. Then, get in touch with your Microsoft Advertising account team. We’ll work with you to find the best approach to get your video campaigns going.

[1] CTV advertising is ready for its close-up. December 2023. Insider Intelligence Inc.
[2] Why performance marketers should capitalize on CTV’s surge. Insider Intelligence Trends, Forecasts & Statistics.


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