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Use brand term bidding to win more organic and paid clicks

June 2015

You could look at paid search as a game: Your goal is to capture more clicks than your opponent. For as long as people have played the search-marketing game, there's been a debate about bidding on your own brand terms.

Some say brand term bidding is a waste of money, as people searching for your brand may click on its organic result. Others argue that brand term bidding is necessary because it blocks clicks on competitors' ads that use your brand terms. We mustered a team of Bing Ads data scientists to make the call for advertisers in the travel industry.

Because Bing Ads is backed by the Bing search engine, we can see all the clicks on any page, and we can tell if the clicks go to your brand, your competitor or somewhere else. Our data geniuses discovered that brand term bidding does indeed block clicks on competitors. We also found that it can increase clicks for you.

Brand term bidding also reduces clicks for competitors. For one top travel advertiser, when no brand ad was present, the competitor got close to 40% of clicks. The presence of the brand ad snatched 27% of clicks away from that rival.

Now you know the score: Even if your SEO is strong, you risk getting a lower “click-yield” when you don't bid on your own brand terms. To see even more stats on how brand term bidding increases your standing in the search game, view our presentation above or download it.


 Download the presentation