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White Shark Media: Hunting for ROI across languages

July 2016

Swimming with White Shark Media

When you’re part of a fast-growing digital marketing agency with ambitious plans for the future, your job title is irrelevant. Every situation is all-hands-on-deck, every client is your client — and even the boss needs to empty the occasional garbage can.

“In 2012, I took on the CEO role, and I have ever since been responsible for guiding the company’s strategy and growth,” explains Gary Garth. “Nevertheless, as the CEO of an explosive startup that means that I have been a sales person, sales manager, account manager, recruiter, accountant and at times even the janitor.”

With all those job duties working together so effectively, perhaps Garth should give himself seven or eight raises. Because White Shark Media has been acknowledged as one of the fastest growing North American digital agencies, garnering an impressive reputation by putting together low-cost search marketing campaigns backed up by top-level customer service.

“Now counting 225 employees, White Shark Media has to date helped more than 5,000 small-market businesses across the Americas grow,” Garth says of the company, which was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Miami. “We provide a one-stop shop digital marketing solution for SMBs, including website creation and optimization, paid search management, search engine optimization, local citation and reputation monitoring — all centralized and accessible through a user-friendly client dashboard.”

Bilingual behaviors

Utilizing their proprietary marketing tools and online marketing tactics, White Shark Media lives up to their name by swimming ahead of the current. According to Garth, the company has been structured to facilitate learning, quick adaptation and a harnessing of the latest technologies. Along those lines, White Shark Media is using its research to currently pioneer bilingual behaviors that will help shape the future of the industry.

“Nationwide, 8% of all search queries on and are conducted using Spanish keywords; in selected cities like Los Angeles, Houston or Miami with a high density of U.S Hispanics, these figures rise upward to 35 or 40% at times,” Garth explains. “We exploit this intelligence to help our clients’ market strategy, running dual language campaigns and tailoring the keywords, ad copy and landing pages to the specific demographics. The results are lowered costs of traffic to the website, a significantly higher engagement rate and ultimately a greater ROI.”

One of the original co-founders of the company, Garth takes great pride in the fact that Spanish keyword-engagement is shaping up to be the next gold rush for his industry — and that White Shark Media was far ahead of the curve.

“Our research and internal case studies denote that PPC campaigns targeting U.S Hispanics are more cost-effective than traditional English language targeted campaigns,” he says. “According to an analysis of our 1,500 active accounts, all metrics are in favor for Hispanic targeting with lowered cost-per-click prices, increased click-through rates and conversion rates — essentially yielding better returns on investment for advertisers who operate within markets with a large population of U.S Hispanics.”

Exponential growth

Helping to deliver this audience is White Shark Media’s established relationship with Bing Ads.

“We tend to lean on Bing over other platforms in order to get the biggest bang for our buck for our clients,” Garth observes. “We signed on as a Bing Ads Elite SMB partner about a year ago, and the relationship has really evolved since then. We typically see lower CPCs and cost per leads through Bing.” 

White Shark Media understands small businesses. The Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner Program was built to assist partners who have an in-depth understanding of the search advertising landscape and Bing Ads solutions, providing exclusive training, business reviews, partner events and other tools to help someone like Gary Garth.

“I'm ecstatic,” he says of White Shark Media’s upward trajectory. “I think it's evolving very positively, and the roadmap and plan of action we’ve designed with our partner management team is really exciting. We're looking at exponential growth over the next two years.”