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Differentiating your brand with EQ

September 2018

Since our publication of “Digital assistants: Reordering consumer lives and redefining digital marketing” in March 2017, digital assistants have become even more prolific. In this research paper, we investigate how the future success of brands requires IQ to be delivered through the context of EQ (emotional quotient or emotional intelligence). EQ in intelligent agents is about understanding the context behind the words and creating an experience that humanizes the agent to create emotional connections.
Key Points:
  • Within 5 years, 87% of consumers expect to be able to reach their favorite brands via a voice assistant.
  • Within 5 years, 72% of consumers expect to make purchases with their favorite brands via a voice assistant.
  • Emotional Engagement could drive a 5% uplift in annual revenue, according to research by Capgemini. And emotionally engaged consumers have higher expectations for the role that brand will play in their life.

Consumers don’t want to engage with technology; they want to engage with you through technology. They want to engage with brands who know them, help them, and who care. Consumers expect to reach out and engage directly 24/7/365.

The trends are clear. Consumers are about to engage with conversational interfaces more than ever before, and EQ will continue to be an essential ingredient to maintaining successful relationships.

Are you prepared with a conversational AI strategy that infuses your knowledge (IQ) while creating an emotional connection (EQ)?

This report is based on research done by Bing Ads Market Intelligence in partnership with iProspect, with references to other relevant studies in the area.

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