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It’s the holidays and Bing shopping is ready for you

As you start preparing for the holidays, Bing shopping wants to be there by your side and help you reach your goals. We’re happy to provide holiday goodies like Automatic Item Update for your Bing Shopping Campaigns to help keep your product catalogs fresh and up to date, Flyers to help you showcase the latest and greatest deals to your consumers, multiple images in Product Ads to give consumers a complete perspective of your products, and larger product images to support better quality. Additionally, we’ve increased the coverage of Product Ratings through our partnership with Bazaarvoice and we'll notify you about poorly formed product descriptions so that your customers get the most accurate information about your products. Let’s get the shopping season started.

Automatic Item Update

We want to help you keep your offers serving and provide a great user experience for your customers. To this end, we’re delighted to announce the availability of the Automatic Item Update feature, which automatically syncs your Bing Merchant Center feeds to your site's price and product availability microdata.

If your site is out of inventory or if prices change, you can choose to automatically update a product offer in your Bing Merchant Center with:

  • Price only
  • Product availability only
  • Both price and product availability
Product view of Automatic Item Update

You should continue to update your feed file regularly, be it automatically, via FTP or manually. Automatic Item Update shouldn’t be used as a substitute for updating your data feed. Key benefits of this feature are:

  • Keep your product offers up to date and eligible to serve all the time
  • Drive customers to product offers with accurate data and avoid sending them to out-of-stock offers


Increase traffic to your holiday site by participating in the Bing Ads Flyers pilot. Flyers enable you to display your best deals and hottest products. This will drive more informed shoppers to your site and help increase their likelihood of converting.

Flyers can appear in following ways:
  1. As a Flyer Extension in your text ads
  2. As a Flyer Product Ad on the Bing search page on specific retailer queries like “Retailer + weekly Ads” or “retailer + Black Friday/Cyber Monday”
  3. As a Flyer Product Ad Carousel on more generic queries like “weekly deals” or “weekly sales”
What are Flyer Extensions?
With Flyer Extensions, you can increase ad engagement by promoting your weekly flyers and best deals. These visual extensions are shown in conjunction with your text ads.

Product view of Flyer Extension 

What is the Flyer Product Ad on Bing search page and Flyer Carousel?
For your flyer to appear in either of these cases, the Flyer Extension will need to include the Bing Merchant Center store during setup.

Product view of Flyer Product Ad

Product view of Flyer Carousel

Benefits of participating in the Flyers pilot include:
  • Increased traffic volume
  • More informed shoppers
  • Improved market share
What else is important to know?
  • The Flyer Extension is available on Bing Ads, and the Flyer Carousel page and Flyer Product Ad on the Bing search page are coming soon. Take advantage of these experiences now to get in front of users when they’re looking for deals.
  • User clicks on the Flyers will be directed to the destination URL and charged a cost per click.
  • Standard performance reports are available, including impressions, clicks, click-through rate, spend, and average cost per click. Use the ad extension by ad and ad extension by keyword reports.
  • Flyer Extensions work in combination with other ad extensions.
How do you get started?
Work with your Bing Ads account team to ensure the access is set up. They can also guide you on the process to participate in these experiences. This pilot is only available in the US and not open to non-managed customers.

Multiple images in Product Ads

Drive more traffic, increase engagement and provide users with a better perspective of your products by including additional images in your product offer feeds. Additional images can appear to potential customers in ads for your product and are commonly used to show a product from different angles and with product staging elements.

Today, each Product Ad includes a single image associated with it. With the multiple-images feature, we’ll support up to 10 additional images per offer, giving you a total of up to 11 images (one main image plus 10 additional images).

Good news — the feature is available on Bing Ads PC traffic and coming to mobile soon. You can start right away by specifying these additional images (list of comma-separated URLs) in the product feed using an existing optional column [additional_image_link]. The same validation rules as [image_link] will apply.

  • additional_image_link
  • The URLs of additional images
    • Example:
  • Requirements:
    • Alphanumeric
    • 2,000-character limit
    • Link must be HTTP or HTTPs only
    • Image must be bmp, gif, exif, jpg, png or tiff
    • Recommended minimum size is 220px by 220px
    • Image size cannot exceed 3.9 MB
    • No watermarks or free shipping text
  • Values may be displayed, so we recommend you use values that users can understand
  • You can have up to 10 images, separated by a comma (,) delimiter
  • "%2C" value in the image URL should be considered as (,) and part of the image URL link (for example, two image URLs that contain commas will look like:,
Product view of multiple images in Product Ads
Example showing additional images. 

Product Ratings

Product Ratings play an important role in consumers’ purchase decisions and have shown increased user engagement with Bing Shopping Campaigns. Today Product Ads show Product Ratings on ads that have rating and review data. We’re happy to announce our partnership with Bazaarvoice, which provides authentic rating and review content. This partnership has helped increase the coverage of the rating and review data for Product Ads. If you’ve partnered with Bazaarvoice and don’t see ratings and reviews on your Bing shopping Campaigns, please connect with the Bazaarvoice team.

Product descriptions display

We’re now showing product descriptions on the Bing Shopping page.

Product view of product descriptions on Bing Shopping page

Please make sure to provide accurate and useful descriptions for each of your products to help users learn more about your products.

If any of your product descriptions are found to be lacking useful information, you may see a warning in Bing Merchant Center letting you know. Please fix these descriptions.

Some examples of descriptions that aren’t useful and will trigger this warning:
  • Product title passed as description
  • Placeholder text such as "Coming Soon"
  • Descriptions that contain any code fragments (HTML or JavaScript)

Additionally, we’ll use any attributes (such as color and size) to help the user find out more about your products.

Thanks for helping make a better place to shop!

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