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Cryptocurrency exchanges now allowed in the US with pre-approval

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Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re now allowing advertising for cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. This type of advertising is limited to the Microsoft Advertising Search Network; it continues to be disallowed in Microsoft Audience Network display and native advertising.

Advertising will be restricted to pre-approved exchanges and educational content offered only by the first party or brand owner. Cryptocurrency investment or training programs and sites that serve to monetize cryptocurrency advice or subscription services won’t be allowed. Initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency wallets, and related products will continue to be disallowed.

Advertisers must comply with all regulatory and licensing requirements for the specific locations where their ads will be served. Additionally, they must comply with all Microsoft Advertising policies. Those who meet the eligibility criteria may be considered with pre-approval only.

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To learn about this and other Microsoft Advertising policies or guidelines, visit our policy site.

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