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Managing ad group level disapprovals in one easy swoop

The Bing Ads team carefully reviews all submitted ads/keywords to ensure that both advertisers and search users have the best experience on our advertising network.  Typically an initial review is adequate, unless an exceptional scenario requires a second one.
For example: You are a travel agency running dozens of ad groups for different airlines, hotel groups etc. You could easily have thousands of keywords and multiple ads in an ad group. You might include the brand names of airlines or hotels in each of these ads or keywords, even though you are not the owner of that brand. In this case, your ads might be disapproved for trademark infringement. However, you can request an exception with the explanation that you are an agency providing bookings for those brands.
We understand with multiple ad groups having thousands of ads and keywords, managing exceptions can get cumbersome. We have some great news for you!
You can now submit appeals at an ad group level. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Navigate to a rejected ad in the ad group and click on the ellipsis sign to uncover the rejection reason
  2. In the message box indicating the rejection reason, you will see an option to appeal that rejected ad or all rejected ads in the ad group

You can choose “all ads in this ad group” from rejection message or edit menu as seen below:

The option for requesting exceptions for all ads in an ad group is available only at an ad group level and not at the campaign or account level.
For appealing, ads belonging to different ad groups or campaigns, please select the ads to be appealed, and use the request exception option from edit menu.

  1. Select the “all ads in this ad group” option, to submit all rejected ads which are appealable (exceptions are not granted for some policies such as multiple display domains per ad group). 

Please provide a brief reason for requesting the exception for disapproval and submit.

d. All rejected ads within the ad group which are appealable will be submitted for review  

In the above screenshot, note that the last ad rejected remains disapproved, as the policy reason is non-appealable.
Here are some examples of non-appealable policies:

  • Ad title and text must exceed 2 words
  • Combined mobile ad title and text must contain 3 or more words
  • Consecutive non-alphanumeric characters
  • Forbidden characters in phone number
  • Forbidden content in phone number
  • Phone number has no digits
  • Phone number is not valid
  • URL format error
  • Keyword Parameter Usage Disallowed
  • One Display Domain per Ad Group 
  1. All of your “exception under review” requests have been sent for review. It can take up to 1 business day for the appeal review to complete, and you'll receive the results via email at that time.
The same process can be followed for appealing all rejected keywords at an ad group level.
Here’s more information about how to fix an individual ad that’s disapproved or has limited approval. And, reference the full set of Bing Ads policies for help understanding the cause of disapproved ads.
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