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Bing Ads Custom Audiences now integrated with Oracle DMP

Bing Ads is delighted to announce the Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) has been integrated with Bing Ads Custom Audiences, allowing advertisers to use their first-party data through the Oracle DMP to reach Bing users. Marketers can onboard their CRM data using the Oracle DMP to gain a deeper understanding of their audience assets with Oracle data to seamlessly execute search campaigns with Bing. 
“Savvy marketers know that first-party data can be vital to successful search campaigns, allowing you to target top spenders or increase bids aimed at your best customers. Onboarding first-party data into the Oracle DMP with Oracle OnRamp offers marketers the ability to integrate the data they want to use into their Bing Ads campaigns,” said Joe Zito, Vice President/GM Oracle DMP Strategy. “Marketers can seamlessly orchestrate retargeting campaigns and improve Bing Ad targeting accuracy with audience data provided through the Oracle DMP.”
With the Oracle DMP, you can easily integrate your brand’s first-party data to target audiences using any CRM data, such as top spenders, recent purchasers, duration of customer membership, and more.  Bing Ads continues to actively work to bring a better experience to our users, by welcoming new DMP partners to the Custom Audiences offering.   
“The Oracle DMP has been a long-standing player in the data services business as a leading data management platform.  We are excited to work with Oracle, allowing our clients to import their DMP customer segments into Bing’s search engine for better audience marketing”, said Brian Utter, General Manager Network and Demand Management, Bing Ads.
Advertisers currently using the Oracle DMP as their data management platform are eligible to participate in the Bing Ads Custom Audiences pilot.  Reach out to your Bing Ads or Oracle DMP account rep to learn more about our offering and they can help you get started.

What is Custom Audiences?

 Custom Audiences works like remarketing allowing advertisers to target based on their own customer data to create richer user segments. When your data platform manager (DMP) connects into our new Custom Audiences feature, you can import your custom audiences segments into Bing Ads for search marketing.  Custom Audiences allows advertisers to use their own rich customer intelligence and can improve campaign performance through greater capabilities to target specific users.
For more details on our Custom Audiences pilot kick-off, check out the blog post here.