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Now live: Bing Ads Marketplace Trends

One of the coolest things about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the ability to get your information in front of potential customers when they're actively searching for  the very products and services you provide. Unlike TV ads and billboards where you just pick a popular show or a high-traffic area and hope for the best, you can actually choose your keywords and your target audience to pinpoint those most likely to be interested in making a purchase decision... hopefully, from you.

What if you could take it even further than that? What if you really fine-tune your PPC campaigns by drilling down into more specific metrics, such as volume trends related to device targeting or ad scheduling? What if you could look at location targeting trends and filter cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through rate (CTR) within each state by industry and sub-industry?

Thanks to the launch of Bing Ads Marketplace Trends, now, you can!

If you haven't already seen it covered by PPC Hero, Search Engine Land or Search Engine Watch, Bing Ads Marketplace Trends is an interactive visualization tool that shows consumer clicks, volume and targeting trends to help you drive effective campaign performance to enable smarter business decisions.

bing ads marketplace trends

If you've been looking for a way to gain a competitive edge with your campaigns, this might be just the tool you've been looking for.

Give it a try today and send us a tweet to let us know what you think!