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Microsoft Invest

Microsoft Invest* is a demand-side platform built for the future of video advertising. With an integrated platform advantage and a focus on data-driven performance, Invest enables you to engage audiences on all screens and drive business results.

Benefits of Microsoft Invest

Integrated Platform Advantage

Technology designed to maximize digital investments.

Data-Driven Performance

Intelligent, customizable data solutions that power campaign performance.

Built for the Future of Video

Enabling buyers to engage the audience – not the device.

Key features of Microsoft Invest

Deal buying from our Inventory library

An intuitive and graphics-based approach to deal discovery and activation, offering access to curated premium deal catalogs and more visibility into deal inventory than you’ve ever had before.


Discover exclusive curated catalogs created by premium data owners and available off-the-shelf to reach audiences at scale.

Exclusive audiences

Reach more than a billion1 users with Microsoft’s valuable audiences, including millions you may not be reaching anywhere else.


Gain confidence in campaign planning, focusing on the data that matters to you before you go live.


Pairing Invest with Planner allows you to: plan cross-channel, boost digital investments, find the right audience and discover premium inventory, eliminate planning and buying silos.

Premium CTV marketplace, featuring Netflix

Engage audiences on all screens and drive business results by tapping into our marketplace for premium inventory, from our direct publishers on Monetize or through our robust integrations with all major SSPs​.

Case study

GroupM – Microsoft Audiences

The road to rave results: How GroupM powered a Continental Tires campaign leveraging Microsoft’s audience intelligence.

Case study

Open up new advertising opportunities with Microsoft Invest

Existing customers are encouraged to reach out to their account managers.

Frequently asked questions

  • End-to-end platform with a buy and sell-side tech infrastructure offering increased efficiency, such as 100% DSP-to-SSP match rates, campaign delivery stability, bid shading applied to all bids, and no discrepancy fees, allowing for competitive and transparent take-rates.  
  • Ability for buyers to build custom bidding algorithms to replace or complement existing optimization, using our Data Science Toolkit. 
  • Open and well-documented Enterprise APIs allow buyers to build their proprietary solution on top of our platform, using our robust log-level data offering.
  • Direct and expanded access to Curate’s deal library – including curated deals from external SSPs 
  • A future-proof, multidimensional approach to solve identity.

  • Direct supply and far-reaching integrations with leading supply partners globally. 
  • A buy and sell-side tech infrastructure that delivers 100% DSP-to-SSP match rates, campaign delivery stability, bid shading applied to all bids at no cost, and no discrepancy fees, allowing for competitive – and transparent – take-rates.  
  • Expansive investments in supply chain transparency, in-house and partnered holistic brand safety solutions, and efficient supply strategy and decisioning through duplication analysis, harnessing years of data science and impression-level data analysis. 
  • Flexible ways to transact through outcome-based buying, Programmatic Guaranteed, and sophisticated deal curation capabilities.

  • Microsoft Invest offers exclusive access to Microsoft’s in-market and demographic audience segments, to reach more than one billion users programmatically.
  • Microsoft Invest offers a range of intelligent and customizable data solutions to power campaign performance. 
  • A choice of identity solutions that combine trusted consumer relationships, unique audiences and a flexible identity suite to help you reach the audiences that matter. 
  • Exclusive privacy-safe consumer data sets, including search and web activity from Bing and our browser Microsoft Edge, LinkedIn professional profiles and demographics - to access highly engaged audiences and reach 1 billion users including millions you may not be reaching anywhere else.
  • Ability to activate advertiser first-party data and access tailored, detailed insights that will inform your buying strategy.
  • Support of major industry ID solutions, in complement to first-party ID solutions to optimize campaign reach and precision.
  • Access to a data marketplace of more than 40+ global data partners to inform behavioral and contextual strategies.
  • More than a decade-long track record of powering advanced buyers with the most customizable enterprise solutions.
  • Out-of-the-box optimization and inventory recommendation powered by machine learning, along with intuitive UI-based customization options. 
  • A Data Science toolkit provides unique tools to deploy custom bidding algorithms and measurement solutions tailored to business outcomes.

  • Invest has a variety of capabilities that enable you to engage the audience, not the device, helping you reach the goals that matter most. 
  • Robust video and CTV feature set including video KPI optimization and reporting and video inventory recommendations to discover relevant premium video inventory to maximize the reach and performance of your campaigns. 
  • Expansive CTV publisher supply and 3rd-party integrations with leading CTV partners to reach audiences on every screen.  
  • Streamlined access to a wide range of Microsoft or third-party curated deals.

  • Increased functionality focused on getting campaigns running faster; troubleshooting and monitoring; expanded optimization and tailored reporting. 
  • Flexible support offerings and services with ongoing support/troubleshooting for managed serviced, self-serve. 
  • Training programs that include in-person training and E-learning curriculums.

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