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Bing Ads app for iOS and Android: Edit Keyword Opportunities

With this latest update, you will be able to adjust bids or edit Keyword Opportunities before you accept them. Moreover, we will send you notifications when new Keyword Opportunities become available, so you won't miss any new Keyword Opportunity suggestions.

Last month we announced the launch of Add Keyword Opportunities in Bing Ads app for iOS and Android. The Add Keyword Opportunities feature provides keyword suggestions based on your campaigns' ads, landing pages and existing keywords. Along with the Keyword Opportunities, you'll be provided accompanying bid suggestions and volume projections, so you can quickly choose which Keyword Opportunities you'd like to start taking advantage of right away.

Don't forget that there's more Opportunities than just keywords! For the full range, please continue to use the desktop version. Learn about all the Bing Ads Opportunities available to you today and review our frequently asked questions for a comprehensive walkthrough of the Bing Ads app (iOS | Android).

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