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Bertram Welink

Integrated Marketing Manager, Retail & Generative AI, Microsoft Advertising

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A couple smiles whilst hugging each other on a couch.

Seasonal Spotlights: Valentine’s Day

In this blog post, we’ll focus on Valentine’s Day. You’ll learn about the popularity of Valentine’s Day in various markets, the best time to target consumers who are planning to spend money, and how to do so effectively with Microsoft Advertising.

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Group of people working on tablets around a table.

What’s your superhero strategy: Branded or generic keywords?

Did you ever notice that the most successful superheroes always work as a team? There’s no difference with search advertising. Learn to leverage generic keywords and the Microsoft Audience Network.

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Two kids outdoors photograph a butterfly with their tablet.

It’s spring! ‘Hit refresh’ in your Home & Garden campaigns

Microsoft Advertising has lots of insights, product opportunities, and best practices for the Home & Garden sector. Read the highlights here and see our Spring into Retail Action virtual event, available to view on-demand now for the UK and Germany.

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Spring into Retail Action

To help advertisers prepare for demand of home and garden products, Microsoft Advertising hosted a digital event ‘Spring into Retail Action’. Keynote speaker Tor Thompson, EMEA Regional Director, shared inspiration for the long term and practical guidance for the short term, following the journey of three audiences; retailer, consumer, and advertiser.

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