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Microsoft Retail Media for advertisers

Boost brand awareness and product sales by targeting first-party shoppers of key retailers across onsite, offsite and in-store using Microsoft Retail Media*.

Benefits of Microsoft Retail Media for advertisers

AI-powered self-service platform

Easily promote your brands and products via a self-serviceable platform to in-market customers across onsite, offsite, and in-store. And use AI-powered tools to simplify campaign creation, creative generation, and performance optimization.

Omnichannel attribution and reporting

Optimize campaign performance by accessing clear attribution and reporting with over 100 reporting fields in near real-time to create meaningful and insightful reports.

Outstanding ad performance

Tap into retailers’ first party shoppers to boost brand awareness and product sales, maximizing your returns on ad dollars through AI-driven ad auctions and proven best practices.

Engage with in-market shoppers across the customer journey

Product Listing ads (PLA)

Boost product sales with retailer partners to promote individual products to in-market shoppers by blending native product ads into highly relevant category pages or search results on a retailer’s website and app.


Tie your effective spending to real results and only pay when a shopper clicks an ad to ensure efficient spend-through and get campaign insights with real-time, closed-loop reporting.

Banner ads

Boost brand awareness that leads to more product sales by displaying banner ads to shoppers in highly visible spots to gain more brand recognition and share of voice.


Make banners in seconds using cutting-edge AI to generate banner creatives at scale by using AI-powered Microsoft Retail Media Creative Studio (Open Beta) to turn products into compelling ads.


Optimize banner performance by actual viewership and maximize your return on ad spend by bidding on banner viewership and understanding shopper reach through the viewership reporting.

Sponsored brands

Capture shoppers’ attention while boosting sales. Promote your brand and multiple products together at where highly visible to shoppers, conveying a full funnel story from awareness to sales.


Get multiple clickable components in an ad while only paying for the first click a shopper makes to maximize return on investment.

Offsite ads

Reach shoppers at awareness and consideration stage by promoting your brand and products offsite on third-party properties, including social media, native, video, and connected TV, and bring shoppers back to retailers’ website and app.

Reengage in-market shoppers at the right moment by easily extending a Product Listing Ad (PLA) offsite to Microsoft properties, like Bing, accelerating shoppers’ path to purchase.

Unlock omnichannel attribution across onsite and offsite by matching retailers’ sales data with Microsoft’s data to measure conversions driven by offsite ads wherever ad interactions and purchases take place.

In-store ads (Pilot)

Promote your brands and products via in-store ads, such as audio ads and digital signages, in brick-and-mortar stores to reach shoppers you can’t easily reach online, driving an incremental lift in product sales.


Optimize advertising dollars by gaining a complete view of the customer journey from online to offline with omnichannel attribution.

Outstanding Microsoft Retail Media performance by the numbers


Return on ad spend

Average return on ad spend of the onsite ads across retail media programs at the maturing stage.1


Budget spend-through

Average budget spend-through across retail media programs at the maturing stage.1


Click-through rate

Average click-through rate across retail media programs at the maturing stage.1


Conversion rate

Average conversion rate across retail media programs at the maturing stage.1

Key tools to drive your Microsoft Retail Media performance

Category targeting with keywords

Maximize your reach to retail shoppers by targeting them along the relevant categories they browse. Capture precise purchase intent by boosting desired keywords and blocking unwanted keywords.

Audience targeting with bid modifier

Boost bids on specific audiences built on retailers’ first-party shopper data to target the right people, increasing conversions, thereby improving campaign performance.



Microsoft Retail Media Creative Studio

Easily generate compelling banner ad creatives across multiple channels, like onsite and offsite using generative AI and save time by leveraging AI-driven algorithms to optimize banner campaign performance.

How to start with Microsoft Retail Media as an advertiser


Request access

Submit this contact us form to request access and you’ll receive the login and onboarding info.


Log into the platform

Once your request is approved, you’ll receive an email with access to your account, along with resources to help you get started.


Build retail media campaigns

Create a retail media campaign to promote your products and brands to a retailer’s first-party shoppers across onsite, offsite, or in-store in the easy-to-use platform with the helpful guidance at your fingertips.


Optimize campaigns with ease

View key campaign performance and sales metrics using the in-platform reporting and optimize your campaigns easily based on the given data and best practices.

Boost brand awareness and product sales through Microsoft Retail Media

Frequently asked questions

Unlock a unified, omnichannel retail media program across onsite, offsite and in-store with Microsoft Retail Media to capture ad revenue and more product sales.

Microsoft Retail Media is available internationally across key markets, including North America, South America, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). And our Microsoft Retail Media platform, products and services are localized to different languages, currency formats, number formats, time zones, etc., accessible to users in different countries and regions.

You can check out more information on the Microsoft Retail Media for retailers page and contact us here to get more in-depth insights from our retail media professionals.

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[1] 2023 Microsoft Retail Media (powered by PromoteIQ) first-party data.
[*] Powered by PromoteIQ