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Case study

lululemon finds its flow with Microsoft Advertising

April 12, 2023
Lululemon logo.

The goal: Increase reach across the web while maintaining strong ROAS

lululemon wanted to drive more customers to their site through online ad placements while maintaining a strong return on ad spend (ROAS) on all additional traffic.

A model wearing lululemon poses for the camera.

The solution: Extend Search and Shopping Campaigns across highly personalized native ads

lululemon extended their Search and Shopping Campaigns to the Microsoft Audience Network—effectively tapping into search intent signals to connect with a relevant audience across the web.

By reaching potential customers across channels, lululemon was able to drive greater revenue and improve the overall account return on investment (ROI).

To further enhance their online marketing strategy, the lululemon team launched Image Extensions, which helped them drive increased ad engagement. This integrated approach proved successful for this innovative athletic retailer and resulted in a revenue increase of 234% year over year and an overall ROAS of 250%.

Image showing lululemon’s campaigns impact with 234% higher revenue, 250% overall ROAS, and 532% ROAS of top CA publisher.

Products used

View of Search and Shopping Campaigns.

lululemon leveraged the Microsoft Audience Network to drive more customers to their products with engaging retail experiences through Shopping Campaigns, while using Image Extensios to grab their customers’ attention with photographs in their ads. With Image Extensions, lululemon could promote their products, raise brand awareness, and improve the quality of their clicks.

Another view of Search and Shopping Campaigns.

Microsoft Advertising has played a crucial part of our overall digital marketing strategy. We have been able to balance our approach of acquiring net new users, while also maintaining a strong ROAS.

— Matt Dykeman | Head of SEM, lululemon

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