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Case study

How the internet's favorite sheets grew their online business

November 10, 2022
Brooklinen logo.

Increase brand awareness and sales through online channels

Brooklinen, the internet’s best sheets, wanted to attract new customers and increase overall sales while maintaining a strict goal for their return on ad spend (ROAS).

Larger reach through new products and ad placements

To attract new customers, Brooklinen expanded their targeting through Dynamic Search Ads, casting a wider net to reach new customers. Then, to drive customers to their site, they caught shoppers’ attention through photo rich native placements and shopping ads, resulting in more site traffic and sales.

Impact of Brooklinen’s strategy: 256% more impressions, 41% more conversions, and 52% more site visits.

Leveraging a variety of solutions to reach their goals

Example of a Brooklinen ad on the search engine results page.

As a brand, Brooklinen knew that they could leverage the wide range of marketing tools from Microsoft Advertising. With Shopping Campaigns, they knew they could put searchers closer to making a purchasing decision. Audience Ads gave them access to the Microsoft Audience Network, where they could drive highly personalized engagements with their ideal customers, while uncovering new business opportunities with Dynamic Search Ads and an extended query coverage.

The scalable opportunities with Microsoft allowed us to expand to larger markets that we hadn’t touched before.

— Matthew Dwinell, Sr. Manager Growth Marketing

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