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Case study

Angara achieves phenomenal growth with Microsoft Advertising

August 22, 2022
Angara’s logo

Handcrafting the finest customized jewelry

With a heritage of gemstone cutting, polishing, and design that stretches back for generations, Angara has risen to prominence in the online jewelry industry. At the heart of its business, Angara cares deeply about bringing customers the finest quality gemstones and leaves nothing to chance—sourcing, cutting, designing, and delivering everything themselves to ensure a premier service for its customers.

Already a leading jewelry brand in the United States, Angara had ambitions to expand its reach to new markets. Microsoft Advertising provided the perfect opportunity to strengthen Angara’s global footprint.

Embracing an audience-led search approach

Angara’s search ads on the search engine results page (SERP)

Angara had two goals with its international expansion: To increase brand awareness and drive consumers further down the funnel for consideration and purchase. It was crucial for the brand to stay top-of-mind with high-intent audiences as well as close the loop with conversions to drive consistent return on investment (ROI).

Using Dynamic Remarketing on the Microsoft Audience Network enabled Angara to create agile and scalable campaigns to engage niche audiences with highly tailored messaging. Microsoft’s deep understanding of customers and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) helped Angara find an extensive array of audiences, such as Similar Audiences, Custom Audiences, and In-market Audiences who are more likely to purchase jewelry. Delivering dynamic search ads to shift from a “product” perspective to a more intuitive “audience” perspective strengthened the campaign performance across markets.

Creating visual experiences on the SERP

Angara's Shopping Ads in the SERP

Having identified its core audience, Angara took the next step to create compelling ad experiences on the search engine results page (SERP) using a new ad format—Multimedia Ads. In combination with a rich shopping feed, Angara captured customers’ attention with engaging visual ad formats at the top of the SERP, which facilitated higher engagement and more quality conversions. With the combination of ad excellence, optimized audience targeting, and automated bidding, Angara not only drove new user acquisition from the United States market but also expanded to newer markets such as the United Kingdom.

Microsoft Advertising conducted a lift measurement study to evaluate the impact of Dynamic Remarketing on the Microsoft Audience Network. Segmenting and normalizing an “exposed” audience who sees the ads and a “control” group of audience who doesn't see the ad, the lift in search behavior, site visitation, and conversions were measured to see the impact of this product on campaigns.

Angara saw a massive 45% increase in conversion rates year-over-year, and Dynamic Remarketing yielded a 12% incremental conversion rate. The lift measurement study results show an impressive 4.5x brand search rate, a 3x domain visitation rate, and a whopping 37x conversion rate among the audiences exposed to Microsoft Audience Ads.

While the automated bidding strategy on Microsoft Advertising ensured the spend optimization, the location-based advertising targeted our top audience by a specific area, from cities to states and countries, ensuring maximized reach and impact. Microsoft Advertising has been our trusted partner in driving consistent ROI even from newer regions for years, and we are looking forward to continued association with them.

— Ankit Maheshwari, VP of Marketing, Angara

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