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Blog post

Build better websites with new Smart Pages features

October 11, 2021

With the introduction of Smart Pages back in February, we’ve been delighted to see small businesses take advantage of this free website creation service to improve their online presence. We’ve been hard at work to improve the product by channeling customer feedback into exciting new features, and we want to introduce some of the new cross-Microsoft integrations and data improvements we’ll be rolling out over the upcoming weeks. We can’t wait to see the beautiful websites you’ll create, and we look forward to gathering your feedback to continue to improve Smart Pages.

Standalone mode for Smart Pages

Do you want to create your very own Smart Page without the additional social and advertising tools that Digital Marketing Center provides? No problem! With Smart Pages standalone mode, you can create, edit, and publish your website for free — no payment information required. We know that not every business with a web presence is prepared to advertise online and want to give everyone the access to Smart Pages. If you decide later that you want to supercharge your online reach, signing up for Microsoft Advertising from Smart Pages is quick and simple.

Product view of Smart Pages interface.

Smart Pages analytics

We’re introducing a robust set of tools to explore how users are interacting with your Smart Page. You’ll be able to track important metrics like page views and clicks for a sense of how many people are viewing your Smart Page and how they’re using it. By tracking these metrics over time, you’ll see how the improvements and edits you make affect your customers’ experiences. You’ll also be able to gauge how your advertising activity is helping expand your Smart Page’s efficacy – or see the potential.

Product view of website analytics page.

How to try Smart Pages standalone mode before launch

Let us know if you’re interested in trying Smart Pages standalone mode. We’ll be in touch if your business is a good fit. If you’re not selected as a Smart Pages hand raiser, we thank you for your patience as we roll out the experience for everyone over the coming weeks.


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