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The new Bing: creating new value for advertisers

February 07, 2023
Microsoft Bing home page
Today’s announcement that the new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge are available in preview is incredibly exciting. Not only for the future of consumers, but for our advertisers. Microsoft’s ability to understand complex queries in greater depth and precision, as well as the rich insight we will gain into user intent through deep conversational engagement, will deliver smarter and more actionable opportunities for advertisers to engage with customers. With deeply personalized experiences we expect to be able to deliver even more relevant messages to consumers, with the goal of improved ROI for advertisers. And as usage expands, we expect to see greater volume leading to more opportunities for advertisers to reach their desired customers.

The potential of this new technology is still being explored, but we know that this fundamental change of the search engine experience will give us new opportunities to rethink traditional ad experiences – together. We look forward to innovating with you.


  • Rob Wilk


    Rob Wilk

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