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Introducing new website insights for Universal Event Tracking Tag

May 29, 2023
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Since this blog was posted, we changed our plans. The original plan was to automatically roll this feature out to advertisers using UET starting on Monday July 17, 2023 (with options to opt-out if desired). Given that we want to gather more user feedback, we’ll first pilot this directly in Microsoft Advertising online as a beta for advertisers to manually self opt-in. This self opt-in experience will become available starting on Tuesday July 25, 2023, to all advertisers. Auto-enablement of this feature will happen at a later undetermined time based on the success of the pilot.

Understanding user engagement on your website is important to your business and for measuring the impact of your ad campaigns. To help you better meet your business needs and drive more traffic and conversions, we’re excited to introduce UET Insights, a valuable new feature that will be automatically enabled on a rolling basis starting on June 29, 2023, for your existing UET tags. This feature includes new data collection to provide you with valuable insights and improve ad targeting.

Understanding UET tag

Microsoft Advertising UET tag is a powerful tool that enables advertisers to unlock a range of features such as conversion tracking, remarketing, and automated bidding strategies. By enabling UET Insights, advertisers can now amplify the value of UET by using additional data signals to gain visibility into their web traffic insights and better their campaign performance.

Key features of UET Insights

More powerful website data in a built-in dashboard

UET Insights provide a robust website dashboard that helps you understand user engagement and empowers you to improve your webpages and optimize your targeting to get more conversions.

Key data available on the platform's built-in dashboard includes:

  • Total visits to your website and number of visits per page
  • Session breakdown by country and device
  • Quick backs (customers who stay on your website for just a few seconds)
  • Time spent on your website

View of the UET Insights dashboard.

Improved advertising performance

Not only do UET Insights offer a deeper understanding of your website's performance, they also enable Microsoft Advertising to optimize your ad performance more effectively via improved targeting, fraud detection, and reduced conversion loss. The additional signals include page latencies (speed and load times), click and scroll interactions, purchase cart details, cart abandonment details, browser-based signals, and JavaScript browser errors.

Seamless upgrade

No coding is required from your end to enable UET Insights. Existing tags will automatically be updated on the back end, and all new tags created in the future will automatically be enabled with UET Insights.

Additional things to know

  • UET Insights are optimized to ensure they don’t impact your site's performance negatively.
  • The data collected is analyzed and made available in near real-time on the UET dashboard.
  • There is no sampling involved. You can trust that the data you see is comprehensive and representative.
  • Advertisers retain control over UET Insights, with the ability to disable them if desired.
  • For more detailed information about this feature, visit our Help page.

Disabling UET Insights

If, for any reason, you wish to disable UET Insights, you have two options:

By June 26, 2023

You can opt out of the automatic upgrade by completing the opt-out form. You’ll need to provide either the UET tag IDs for each specific tag you would like to opt out, or the Manager Account ID if you want to opt out all UET tags within that Manager Account.


If you decide to opt out any time after you’re enabled for UET Insights, you’ll be able to do this easily in the UET Dashboard within the Microsoft Advertising platform.

Access your UET dashboard by navigating to Tools > UET tag and then select the relevant tag on the left navigation bar. In the header summary bar, hover over the "UET Insights" setting and select the pencil icon. From the pop-up (see image), toggle off UET Insights Enabled and select "Save." If you want to disable UET Insights for multiple tags, access the "All Tags" page, select the relevant tags, and choose "Disable Insights."

Enable and disable UET Insights easily from the Microsoft Advertising platform.

Help us improve Microsoft Advertising

Your comments and feedback are integral to shape and improve our product. You can use the Microsoft Advertising Feedback portal, in-product feedback, Twitter, or Instagram, and as always, contact Support.


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