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Beyond the Click & Query: Optimizing your holiday planning

May 18, 2022
Four young people sit around a table with laptop computers and books.

We have an early holiday present to share with you! We’re bringing our best technology and telecommunications industry experts to share insights on how you can plan ahead for the upcoming competitive festive season. Now more than ever, consumers are infusing work and personal tasks such as researching for holiday gift-giving, early and often, and during the workweek.

Whether it’s gifting the newest PC or gaming console for new graduates, purchasing a gift card for a premium streaming service for grandparents, or researching the latest gadget for that “someone who has everything,” it’s never too early to learn how to reach key consumer audiences across the broad spectrum of technology. This might include: media, electronics, online services, telecommunications, hardware, and software, with new research, advertising insights, and shopping trends.

So many consumers to reach on your “nice list”

Advertisers don’t need to look very far to find key audiences that increase their brands’ reach. There are 52 million Luxury Shoppers in the US on our Microsoft platforms and 15.2 million Travel Enthusiasts on our Microsoft properties who work remotely. Additionally, Travel Enthusiasts on Microsoft Advertising are 78% more likely to be planning to purchase a smart wearable device (like a smartwatch or fitness band) than the average internet user.

In the world of technology, Luxury Shoppers on Microsoft Advertising are:

  • 56% more likely to be planning to purchase a laptop.
  • 46% more likely to be planning to purchase a flat-screen TV.
  • 60% more likely to trust new technology to improve their health than the average internet user.

Give yourself an early holiday gift and attend Beyond the Click & Query to learn more about: 

  • Who the Workday Consumer is.
  • Insights on streaming consumer behavior patterns, trends in the shopping metaverse, and technology categories that are being considered for the holidays.
  • Tips on preparing your digital transformation for a cookie-less future.

Register now to learn new insights on consumer online holiday purchase behavior.

Want to learn more about the Luxury Shopper, Travel Enthusiast, Digital Nomad, and other consumer personas? Download “Life Reinvented: Emerging Consumer Behaviors”.


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