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Celebrating our partner: Ideo Force

March 18, 2024
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Joining the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program comes with many benefits, including recognition for your hard work and achievements. The Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration is a bi-annual event that highlights the exceptional and innovative work of our partners.

This event is open to all enrolled Partner tier members worldwide and presents them with three awards. Participate in the next round of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration from April 1 to 30, 2024.

This half, we received some remarkable nominations from our global partner community. We’re thrilled to announce the winners below.


November 2023 Winner

Awarded to the Partner that showed the most growth through revenue, new accounts, new industry verticals, and certifications in the previous 6-12 months.


Interactive Strategies
November 2023 Winner

Awarded to the Partner who championed diversity, equity, inclusion, and social good in their work environment, their client strategy, and/or their community outreach.


Ideo Force
November 2023 Winner

Awarded to the Partner who adopted a new feature or innovative strategy that delivered outstanding outcomes and value for their clients.

We had the opportunity to speak with Wojciech Szymański (Chairman of the Board) and Joanna Tymowicz (Vice-President of the Board) of Ideo Force.

Team of people working at Ideo Force.

About Ideo Force

The history of Ideo Force is simultaneously the history of the development of digital marketing in Poland.

Our journey began in 1999 with the founding of Ideo, a Software House that, over time, also started offering marketing activities. Eventually, the technology and marketing divisions began to separate. As a result, Ideo Force was created—an agency that has set its primary goal to stimulate the growth of its clients through a wide range of marketing activities.

Today, our team comprises over 80 seasoned specialists, each bringing their unique expertise to ensure our clients grow stronger. With more than 1000 successful projects, we’re well-equipped to handle your digital marketing needs.

At Ideo Force, we use our extensive digital experience to leverage the full potential of e‑marketing, supporting our clients at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel.

Our services have evolved along with the development of digital marketing, constantly with a focus on the unique needs of each client. Today, we’re an agency offering comprehensive marketing services, from SEO, social media, PPC, analytics, UX, and technology. We tailor our actions to the specific growth goals of our clients, ensuring a personalized approach to every project.

Our primary goal is to foster the growth of our clients. We achieve this by building a media mix to help them reach their objectives. With Ideo Force, you can be assured that your growth is our priority. Our vision is collaboration, not service.

Their mission and vision

At Ideo Force, we don’t simply have clients; we cultivate partners. From the very beginning of our collaboration, we invest time in understanding our client’s business. That allows us to tailor optimal marketing strategies for mutual growth. We believe in establishing a deep connection before we start working, fostering a spirit of cooperation rather than mere service. This approach ensures that our partners feel valued and integral to the process.

Our mission is to empower brands with fresh, innovative ideas that keep pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape. We stay attuned to the pulse of marketing trends, allowing our partners to focus on their core business. We strive to inspire and excite our clients with our innovative approach. Their growth is our goal, and their satisfaction, our driving force.

Throughout our actions, we uphold the principle of transparency. We inform our partners about our activities and provide strategic advice, ensuring they feel confident and secure in our partnership.

Success with Microsoft Advertising

Our success is the success of our clients.

Microsoft isn’t just a tool but a transformative force in the success of our clients’ advertising campaigns. It opens up a world of possibilities for reaching consumers with our partners’ products. With Microsoft, we can offer our clients opportunities and a pathway to business success. Indeed, it’s a crucial contributor to the wider smiles on our partners’ faces.

Consider our client in the logistics industry. With a customized campaign targeted at the right audience and a refined keyword strategy, they didn’t just experience an increase but a dramatic surge in their online presence and sales. The outcome? A substantial boost in visibility, conversions, and return on advertising spend (ROAS), surpassing all expectations.

Microsoft Ads didn’t just bring added value for our client; they were a cornerstone in enabling them to reach their goal. As a result, we didn’t just earn trust; we solidified a bond. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the power of Microsoft.

Favorite tools and features

Our favorite tools within Microsoft Advertising include the dynamic “Shopping in Audience Network” campaigns and the precision of bid adjustments. The synergy between remarketing lists and Audience Network’s reach, alongside the granular control over bids, empowers us to enhance ad relevance and performance, driving sales and optimizing budget allocation efficiently.

Biggest win

Our crowning achievement is providing our clients with an advertising platform that increases their earnings and broadens their business horizons. The staggering 5000% ROAS we garnered from a campaign we conducted on Microsoft for one of our esteemed partners is a testament to this. This impressive figure, achieved within three months of account activation, is a source of pride for us.

The strategic approach, collaboration with the client, campaign management, and continuous optimization played a significant role in achieving such results. We interpret this as confirmation of our skills in conducting campaigns with Microsoft.

Looking ahead

At Ideo Force, we believe in the power of education. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our clients’ development by providing in-depth knowledge about innovative marketing opportunities that can significantly boost their business growth.

Our commitment to educating our clients is evident in our future goals. We plan to conduct industry conferences and a series of webinars to share insights about the untapped potential of Microsoft Ads. This initiative has already gained momentum with the successful hosting of our Lunch with E-commerce Conference, attended by over 100 business representatives, and a webinar specifically tailored for our clients.

Soon, we’ll organize more such initiatives to present to our partners so that they can scale their business. Representatives of Ideo Force also conduct marketing classes at higher education institutions. Thanks to us, knowledge about the practical application of this advertising system has found its way into academic walls.

With its potential to drive growth and success, Microsoft Ads has become an integral part of our vision for client success. We strongly recommend it to anyone seeking to scale their e-commerce.

Their growth journey

Ideo Force only grows when its clients grow.

Our growth is significantly attributed to Microsoft Ads. These have fortified our relationships with existing clients and attracted new ones. Presently, our ability to propose a media mix strategy, with Microsoft being a key player, is fostering more collaborations.

As a result, we’re perceived by potential clients as an agency that provides strategic support, not just service. That helps us acquire new partners.

What started from the mere curiosity of our clients towards Microsoft Advertising has evolved into a trust that is reinforced by tangible results. Interestingly, the impressive outcomes have often led our partners to explore other advertising options with our agency.

Let this serve as a testament to the profound impact that Microsoft Advertising has on our potential clients, thereby amplifying their business success and ours.

Making a difference

At Ideo Force, we value collaboration over service. Our partners and clients are integral to our mission, and we strive to engage them in our marketing education initiatives.

Working together can go beyond standard business objectives and create a more informed and transparent marketing environment.

We organize regular webinars and conferences dedicated to Internet marketing. We collaborate with several higher education institutions, where our representatives work as lecturers in marketing-related subjects. We educate elementary school students on safe Internet use, advise foundations, and carry out promotional activities for them free of charge.

Importantly, we believe that transparency is critical to building trust. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we aim to create an environment where good products and services reach informed consumers. This transparency benefits our partners and clients and ensures that consumers can make informed decisions, fostering a sense of confidence and reassurance in our approach.

Innovative ideas

Thinking about innovation, we need to focus on customer service and new technologies. We’ve repeatedly emphasized that for Ideo Force, collaboration and partnership are of utmost importance—accompanying clients on their path to success through strategically chosen marketing activities.

Currently, we’re in the process of restructuring our internal framework to better meet our clients’ needs. As part of this restructuring, we’ve established the role of team supervisors. These individuals are responsible for overseeing the success of our clients and advising account managers and specialists on how to enhance our service. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that our clients’ needs are met, and we continue delivering top-notch service.

The second aspect of innovation is the integration of marketing and technology. Today, we use artificial intelligence in many areas to better respond to the challenges of modern marketing, such as personalization, automation, and inference.

How does your company incorporate GenAI into its business strategy and operations?

At Ideo Force, we uniquely integrate GenAI, a powerful artificial intelligence, into our operations. GenAI’s exceptional data processing capabilities significantly enhance the efficiency and personalization of our services. Among other tools, we utilize Copilot to build integrations between applications in the Microsoft 365 environment we work in (Copilot in Power Automate tool). Additionally, we use Copilot to generate high-quality content for our websites and our clients.

We also develop chatbots, a tool that provides our business partners’ clients with instant assistance at any time of day or night. That improves the consumer’s experience with the brand and acts as a powerful catalyst for sales.

Furthermore, we employ artificial intelligence for the immediate implementation of A/B tests, which allows us to validate UX hypotheses and take care of our clients’ website user paths. A significant portion of the scripts for A/B tests are generated using AI, making the process easier and faster than ever before. These are just selected examples, but we’re convinced that with AI, we can do more for our clients.

Microsoft Advertising appreciation

Our partnerships are the cornerstone of our success, and our collaboration with esteemed business partners like Microsoft is no exception. Together, we chart the course of development plans, creating a synergy that benefits both parties.

Above all, we want to express our gratitude to Daniel Trost from Microsoft for entrusting us with the honorable title of Channel Partner. We’re grateful for his invaluable help at the strategic level and for his insightful comments and recommendations regarding development opportunities. His support was crucial for our growth, and we look forward to further, fruitful partnership.

We also thank Daniel for participating in our Lunch with E-commerce Conference, where he served as a speaker, talking about the potential of Microsoft Ads. We’ll reveal that the participants received his presentation very well.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Mo Ode, the agency manager, and the exceptional support team at Microsoft. Mo’s dedication and the team’s professionalism, responsiveness, and proactive problem-solving approach have significantly enhanced our experience with Microsoft Advertising. Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

We hope that our cooperation will continue to evolve and that the experience gained will create a solid foundation for future projects.

Not an enrolled partner? Don’t wait — enroll in the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program now!

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