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Xandr develops global solutions to address local needs

December 05, 2022
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Around the globe, advertisers are facing increased pressure to demonstrate the impact of their marketing spend on business outcomes. They’re working harder than ever to optimize investments, reach their audiences, and drive performance across channels and formats. On top of this, they’re navigating the shifting of consumers from linear TV to streaming platforms and an evolving identity landscape.

As a global marketplace for premium advertising, Xandr has always championed collaboration across the entire ecosystem to develop solutions that empower the open web. As part of this mission, Xandr seeks to deliver unique value across the advertising landscape that addresses the core needs of buyers, sellers, and consumers.

A new media buying platform is born

This year, Xandr collaborated with Globo, the largest Brazilian TV broadcaster, to launch a new programmatic media buying platform called GAMA. GAMA brings new solutions for media buying to the advertising market in Brazil. It was built to meet the needs of advertisers and agencies across the region by combining the functionality of Xandr’s Invest DSP with exclusive access to Globo data. The offering provides an inventory marketplace with exclusive access to premium connected TV (CTV) inventory, data-driven performance management, and delivery across brand safe environments, all of which help to address local buyer challenges in the market.

Xandr addresses advertiser challenges in specific markets

While this is a major milestone for Xandr and Globo in the Brazilian market, this isn’t the first instance where Xandr has partnered with a major media company to deliver innovative programmatic solutions to help address advertiser challenges in a specific market.

In 2021, Bell Media, Canada's leading content creation company and media broadcaster announced a strategic alliance with Xandr to launch a proprietary omnichannel DSP for advertisers. The Bell DSP is powered by Xandr's Invest platform and enables Canadian advertisers to easily activate data-driven programmatic campaigns on premium and exclusive inventory offerings across channels with valuable first-party and third-party data and leading technology.

With GAMA in Brazil and Bell DSP in Canada, Xandr is leveraging its full stack to deliver innovative solutions in key markets that allow advertisers to efficiently and effectively reach their desired consumers with relevant and impactful messages and drive true results for their business. Xandr’s technology is robust and flexible and can be customized to address the specific challenges of media partners in other global markets. This is just the beginning.

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