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2022 Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Award winners!

April 28, 2022
Text reading “Congratulations to our winners! Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Awards”.

Congratulations to our Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Award winners!

In honor of the hard-working and visionary partners who not only understand the value of Microsoft Advertising but also successfully demonstrated its capabilities to the rest of the world, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winners of this year’s Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Awards. These awards were announced during Microsoft Advertising Elevate on April 27, the annual global partner summit exclusively for Elite and Select partners. There were more nominations than ever this year, and we continue to be inspired by our partners' creativity, drive, and commitment.

The Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Awards recognize and reward the outstanding work of our valued Agency, Channel, Technology, and Search Supply partners working with Microsoft Advertising.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to the winners and finalists and want to thank everyone who took part in these awards.

If you’re a winner and would like a badge graphic to announce your winner status, please reach out to

To see all the winners sharing their stories, please visit the complete Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Awards YouTube channel.

Global Agency Partner of the Year: Tinuiti

Awarded to the Agency partner who has shown excellence in partnership with Microsoft Advertising across the board.

Tinuiti’s partnership with Microsoft Advertising is grounded in a shared commitment to clients’ campaigns, leading to incredible growth in ad spend from their clients in 2021, as well as a special focus on consumer data privacy.

Global Channel Partner of the Year: Diginius

Awarded to the Channel partner who has shown excellence in partnership with Microsoft Advertising across the board.

London-based technology firm Diginius specializes in automated reporting and data analytics tools for B2B and e-commerce organizations. In 2021, it worked with clients to take full advantage of the Microsoft Advertising platform in order to deliver immediate, game-changing results for a global roster of clients. Diginius has developed tools, customized case studies, and partnered with PPC agencies to optimize strategy and measure performance. This has helped them deliver exceptional results through the Microsoft Advertising platform, providing a streamlined, cost-effective, and powerful solution.

Global Client Partnership of the Year: Foundation powered by Resolution Digital

Awarded to a client and partner who have shown excellence in their digital advertising campaigns. This new award takes into consideration revenue, feature adoption, and overall collaboration in areas such as marketing, thought leadership, and insights.

Foundation powered by Resolution Digital is an award-winning full-service digital agency with a wide-ranging list of clients, including HSBC, who has been working with them since 2018. Knowing the value of targeted search, Resolution has used the Microsoft Audience Network to reach HSBC’s ideal customers through machine learning, along with Microsoft’s Customer Intent and customer Profile Targeting. HSBC quickly saw that Microsoft Advertising campaigns were more cost-effective and yielded higher quality leads when compared with other channels.

Global Social Impact Award: dentsu international

Awarded to the partner who has demonstrated the strongest commitment to inclusive practices—both culturally within their company and in driving the messaging and importance of developing inclusive marketing campaigns with their clients.

As an industry leader and long-standing Microsoft Advertising partner, dentsu international is committed to social impact and champions diversity and inclusion. Sparked by the nationwide protests against police brutality that erupted in 2020, dentsu international approached the National Association of Black Broadcasters (NABOB) and its clients. With a goal of disrupting and addressing the inequities in the advertising supply chain, they collaborated in the creation of a radio program that was distributed by Black-owned company partners. The program (also adapted for a podcast) was a great success, not only supporting racial equality but also allowing clients to co-create and support content that addressed social justice issues that people care about.

Global Supply Partner of the Year: CodeFuel

Awarded to the Search Supply partner who has shown excellence in partnership with Microsoft Advertising across the board.

Ad fraud is a serious concern for marketers as well as advertisers. CodeFuel, the search technology division of Perion Network, has been committed to driving a higher volume of profitable search traffic to the Microsoft Search Network. They have managed to do this while building a high-quality network of publishers and minimizing fraudulent activity. In order to fight low-quality traffic, CodeFuel built a strategy to help publishers understand the quality standards, and an internal methodology to help teams handle these issues. The results have been impressive.

Global Rising Star of the Year: Matchcraft

Awarded to the Select partner who has demonstrated the most accelerated focus this past year with Microsoft Advertising.

For more than two decades, Matchcraft has been creating best-in-class marketing solutions designed to support a fair and impartial ecosystem while delivering outstanding results. This past year, the company faced two major challenges and overcame them with a winning combination of creativity and collaboration. When Matchcraft was faced with costly aggregator shells to manage customer payments, it became the first technology platform to automate account creation for resellers who pay with a credit card.

Congratulations to all the winners! If you’re interested in the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program, learn more today.


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