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Microsoft Vertical ads

With no keyword requirement, Microsoft AI dynamically creates personalized ads, yielding more volume, increased click‑through rates (CTR), and lower cost‑per‑click (CPC) rates.

Benefits of Vertical ads


Serve ads that precisely meet consumers’ needs and make them more likely to engage and convert.

Easy to set up

Vertical ads are quick and easy to set up, giving you a head start in earning attention.


Vertical ads balance what consumers want with what’s important for advertisers while reflecting on what makes each industry unique.

Vertical ads industries


Showcase real-time inventory of new and used cars to nearby shoppers who are in the comparison and transaction stages with dynamically generated ads.


Promote your financial services to see more volume, increased click-through-rates (CTR), and lower cost-per-click (CPC) rates.


Our current ad offerings include real estate ads, health insurance ads, insurance services ads, tax services ads, and credit card ads.

Job listing

Advertise your job offers to the right job seekers on the Bing Jobs page. You only pay for the second click—when your customer applies for the job—you don’t pay when they click to view the ad.

Professional services

Serve your professional services ads with data you specify in your feed file, which contains business data for your doctors and clinics, insurance, real estate, or tax services.


Showcase your travel activities with interactive, premium ad types, in which you can include images, current prices, reviews, and other relevant details.


Current vertical ads in travel include Cruise ads, Hotel Price ads, Property Promotion ads, Tours and Activities ads.

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Start using relevant, personalized ads that provide improved return on ad spend—all while saving time with Microsoft AI automation.