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Treat Yourself to Halloween Sales with Tricks for Search

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore, as an estimated two-thirds of American adults celebrate it.1 Those adults take Halloween seriously, and one-third of them plan ahead and shop for the occasion before October.2 Bing Ads has prepared and ready to share with you the latest insights and tricks for online search. Treat your business to a piece of Halloween spending. 

When people will begin shopping for Halloween:2

Searching for classic costumes
Online search is the top channel for costume shopping, even above retail stores or costume shops, and 31 percent of shoppers will search online for costume inspiration,spending $43 on average.3  Pets are also dressing up for “Howloween,” with $350 million spent on pet costumes in 2015.3 It seems both humans and pets love to dress up; the top costume searches are witches for adults, princesses for kids, and pumpkins for pets.
Search tip: Ensure it’s easy to find your online items via Sitelink Extensions and your physical store via Location Extensions.
Candy is the sweetest way to celebrate
How are people planning to celebrate Halloween – with parties, trick or treating or a visit to a haunted house? Actually, the most popular activity is staying home and handing out candy,2 as it’s the second-most purchased Halloween item, with average shoppers spending $31 on the sweet stuff.2 The Bing Ads audience spends more on candy and they are 34% percent more likely than other internet searchers to have spent $50-$99 on gum or candy in the last 30 days.5 
Search tip: Product Ads in Bing Shopping Campaigns are also an effective way to showcase and manage your Halloween products in an engaging ad format.
Haunting your house
Nearly one-half of all American adults decorate their homes and yards for Halloween,2 and the Bing Network audience has the spookiest houses in the neighborhood, as they’re more likely to be the first among their friends to buy the latest home décor.5 Late September sees the highest volume of Halloween décor searches.6 
Search tip: Plan to run Halloween décor ads early in the season since cost-per-click increases 2-3 weeks prior to Halloween for decorations, while decoration click-through rates decrease.7
Mobile is Halloween’s party central
Party planners are on-the-go, and party-related searches saw the highest click-through rates come from mobile devices, especially two weeks before Halloween.8 Retailers should target mobile devices when advertising party supplies. What else are mobile searchers seeking? Surprisingly, wigs saw the highest click-through rate in the last two weeks prior to Halloween.8
Search tip: Ensure your Halloween keyword bids are high enough for your ad to show up on mobile devices since only the first four positions typically display on mobile screens.
For more digital insights and strategies for Halloween search advertising, go to the complete Halloween insights presentation, and treat yourself to Halloween sales. To access our entire library of seasonal and vertical insights, visit the Bing Ads Insights portal.
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