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Target your customers with US county targeting

Today, we launched support for targeting all counties in the United States. This will allow you to target US counties for location targeting, alongside other types of locations such as cities and zip codes. If your business is aligned with county divisions and you focus your advertising on customers living in specific counties, you can now directly target them. Whether you are, for example, a contractor licensed at the county level, healthcare provider, a local newspaper, or auto dealer, county targeting can help you reach your customers how and where you want to reach them.
Search for US County location target in the Bing Ads web user interface

example of choosing a specific county to target
Previously, if you wanted to target US counties, you could adopt workarounds such as targeting all the zip codes which fell within the counties of your interest, or using a combination of city and radius targeting. We heard your feedback and simplified the process of targeting US counties with this release.

How do I create US county location targets?

US County Targeting is now available in the Bing Ads Web application, Bing Ads Editor and Bing Ads API. Creating and using US county location targets is exactly the same way as other location targets you are already familiar with.

View your saved US County location target in the Bing Ads web user interface
view saved target locations

Adding a US County location target in Bing Ads Editor

Adding a county in Bing Ads Editor

For more information on how to use US county location targets in the Bing Ads API, refer to this announcement.