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Expanded Device Targeting is on its way, giving you more flexibility to optimize your campaigns

We’ve heard your feedback about device targeting! We are now giving you more control in setting bid adjustments by device, so you can more effectively manage your campaigns across each device type. Most significantly, you will be able to target tablets separately from PC with different bid adjustments.

What’s new to device targeting?

Target Tablets Separately

Expanded Device Targeting will give advertisers more control in their audience targeting strategy by making it possible to set individual bid adjustments by device type (PC, Tablet & Mobile), and further their targeting strategy based on unique business needs.

Broader Range of Bid Adjustments

We are expanding the range to +900% for each device type – PC, Tablet and Mobile, as well as adding the ability to completely opt out (set to -100%) from displaying ads on Tablet and Mobile. With these new controls, you can segment by device to tailor your ad messaging specifically for them. When importing campaigns from AdWords, negative PC bid adjustments will be automatically adjusted to 0%, as it’s not supported in Bing Ads today.

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