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Bing Ads Webcast: Disruptive Marketing to Generation X, Y, and Z

Disruptive Marketing to Generation X, Y, and Z

When I think about back-to-school it conjures up memories of excitement but also a healthy amount of motivating anxiety. Back-to-school was always a time filled with that search (no pun intended) for the fresh backpack, new pair of sneakers, a pair of the “in” jeans, the perfect notebook, the right pens, and of course a fresh haircut. It seems like this is a very predictable retail season, but I hoped to challenge that assumption. So I wanted to shake up what we bring to our Bing Ads marketers, disrupt the way we bring our normal

Seasonal Insights through this media channel, and in turn, I believe we deliver a new way of thinking as a marketer to help you crush goals, make your clients more successful, and simply add another tool to your marketing toolkit. We are sure to have one lively, dynamic, unconventional Bing-cast! The agenda outlines new strategies, actionable insights, and field-tested methodologies for approaching this retail season.

If you are like most of the search engine marketers I know, you love not only a challenge but love the motivating anxiety that comes with goal setting even more. You are hungry to learn about new ways to rise to that challenge and have fun doing so. I have the good fortune to work alongside Geoffrey Colon who is a growth hacker, data punk and self-described creative. It was an absolute no-brainer to have Geoff guest speak on our webcast with his newly released book on Disruptive Marketing.

Bing Ads Disruptive Marketing webcast agenda:
  1. Disruptive Marketing: Learn about this new radical marketing strategy and how to consider for your campaigns.
  2. Back-to-school search trends: Learn about the data and the trends from a timing and location standpoint, as well as Bing Search insights.
  3. Extra credit: Bing Ads extra credit playbook.
  4. Key takeaways and actions: We’ll summarize an easy-to-reference game plan so you can ace this back-to-school season.
Join the Disruptive Marketing webcast for back-to-school planning at 11 a.m. PST on May 24, 2017, or on-demand thereafter, where we’ll have an actual Bing Ads account team interpret and present first-party Bing data. Our Bing Ads customer Nikki Kuhlman will share her insights, experience and tips with this retail season. Co-presenting with her is Jeff Erdman, the Bing Ads account manager that works very closely with Nikki and her company, Jumpfly. We’ll also have Linda Shi, our Bing Ads marketing manager steeped deep in the seasonal insights for back-to-school.
Be sure to register to learn how to be disruptive in your campaign strategies and uncover new avenues for growth!