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Bing Ads Editor: Organize with labels, improved age and gender target management, and more

Thank you for your continued feedback to make Bing Ads Editor the best tool for you! In the v11.13 release, we’ve continued to bring the features you want directly to your fingertips. Find out how to better organize your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords with labels, how to more efficiently manage your age and gender targeting, and what changes we’ve made to budget type.

Note: All the changes listed below are supported only in the Windows version of Bing Ads Editor at this point. Stay tuned — support in the Mac version is coming soon!

Save time with labels

Bing Ads Editor now has a shared labels library, which allows you to create one shared label and then add that label to multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. Once you’ve added them, you can then filter on your labels from Advanced Search to only see the items that are most meaningful to you. For example, you can create a shared labels library named “Summer promotion” and add this label to all the campaigns related to summer promotions. Later, if you want to increase the budget for summer promotion campaigns only, you can filter them from Advanced Search and make the change.

Furthermore, you now have the power to efficiently bulk-manage your shared labels library as well as labels associated with other items. View our Help page to learn more.

  1. Labels are supported in campaigns, ad groups, Expanded Text Ads, Product Ads and keywords.
  2. There can be up to 50 labels associated to an item.
Bing Ads Editor screenshot showing colored labels
Bing Ads Editor showing sorting by labels
With this update, select customers who are participating in the labels pilot will be able to start managing labels in Bing Ads Editor once they’ve been enabled within a couple of weeks. If you’d like to participate in the labels pilot, contact your account team.

Improved age and gender target management

Age and gender targets help you connect with your target customers by controlling which customers you want your ads to be shown to. Bid adjustments for each age range and gender give you the control you need to effectively manage campaign performance and return on ad spend.

Demographic targeting options were a bit hidden within the campaign and ad group properties. To make them easier to find, we’ve added Ages and Genders to the left type list pane. By making these changes, we trust they’ll help you more efficiently manage your age and gender targeting directly from the grid and Editor pane.
screenshot showing age demographic options

screenshot showing edit selected gender ad option

Campaign and ad group level targeting options

In the previous version of Bing Ads Editor, Advanced location options was an attribute of Location, which allowed you to choose whether you want to show ads to:
  1. People in your targeted location;
  2. People in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location;
  3. People searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location.
All locations under a given campaign or ad group need to have the same advanced location options. With this release, Advanced location options have been removed from the Locations tab and added to the Campaigns and Ad groups tabs under the name Targeting Method. This allows you to manage your location options by campaign and ad group in a logical and easy way.

screenshot showing targeting method

Non-editable targets

Device type target can't be updated after it's been created. If you need to change the Device type target, please delete it and create new targets. Bid adjustments will continue to be editable at any time.

Removal of monthly budget

On April 30, 2017, Bing Ads stopped supporting monthly budget for all markets. In Bing Ads Editor, budget type is no longer shown in the Campaigns tab, and the name has been changed from Budget to Daily budget.

Note: If you had a monthly budget, no action is necessary on your part to keep your ads running. However, you may want to review the daily budget amount that was set (by dividing your monthly budget by 30.4) and your daily budget options (standard vs. accelerated). Learn more about the migration of monthly budgets to daily budgets.
daily budgets

Questions or comments?

Feel free to contact us via Twitter, visit the Bing Ads Answers forum, or send your feedback directly to