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Roundtable Discussion: Should eCommerce brands invest in brand?

Duration: 14:21

With global online sales predicted to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026, it’s clear that the competition is heating up as the eCommerce industry gets more crowded. To stand out, businesses—particularly those in the growth phase—need to focus on building a brand that’s memorable and relevant to create a lasting connection with your customers. This will lead to more business opportunities.

Tune in to our fireside chat with Frank Grasso, CEO of FeedOps, Mark Avedissian, MD of Reachlocal Australia and New Zealand, and Narelle Hutchesson, MD of RQ Media, to learn more about:

  • Why eCommerce businesses should invest in brand.
  • How to make the case for marketing investment in brand.
  • How to create a memorable brand through storytelling and how to measure impact.

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Frank Grasso

CEO, FeedOps 

Narelle Hutchesson

Managing Director of RQmedia 

Mark Avedissian

Managing Director at Reachlocal Australia & New Zealand 

Paul Korber

Director of Partner Development, Asia Pacific at Microsoft Advertising.