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Case study

Lenskart strengthens brand building efforts with Microsoft Advertising

December 02, 2022

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Since launching in 2010, Lenskart has been committed to “reframing the future of eyewear” with its impressive robo-made glasses, tech-powered experiences like 3D try-on, and passion for eyecare. The brand is known for the superior quality and wide variety of their eyewear products at affordable prices. The last decade has seen Lenskart make ambitious strides to establish itself as one of the top three optical retailers in India, serving 100,000 customers a month.

Lenskart turned to Microsoft Advertising to further its mission to make designer eyewear accessible to every Indian and to grow their customer base. Unleashing the power of Search, the brand aimed to strengthen its presence in the Indian market while acquiring new customers with a significant increase in return on ad spend (ROAS).

With an aim to improve our ROAS score, we partnered with InMobi and Microsoft Advertising. Our efforts have proved to be fruitful as we were able to connect with new users and do so at optimized costs. We’re delighted at the impact Search has been able to create in strengthening our foothold in India’s eyewear industry and attract right, high-intent audiences with dynamic advertising solutions.

— Prateek Mehndiratta, Assistant Manager, Lenskart India

Converting untapped audiences with Microsoft Advertising Dynamic Search Ads

Example of Lenskart Dynamic Search Ad on the search engine results page.

Challenged with short customer attention spans and multiple SKUs in their product portfolio, Lenskart relied on a customer-led advertising strategy to connect with the relevant audience and achieve its business objectives.

The industry-leading eyewear company partnered with InMobi, Microsoft Advertising’s partner in India, to leverage the untapped power of Search with Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). DSA automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of a website and are dynamically created to respond to these search queries. Such a customized solution was instrumental in the brand cutting through the clutter with targeted and relevant ads.

Moreover, the brand was able to find missed opportunities and track new search queries, thus catering to new user personas with dynamically created ads. Constant optimization like keyword scrubbing and negative webpage deletion helped the brand tailor its message to the needs of its customers, increasing the chance of conversion. With DSA, Lenskart was able to maximize impact through a high-intent engagement channel and serve compelling ads to target customer groups.

This digital-first strategy resulted in an increase of mindshare for Lenskart and a 5x lift in ROAS scores to 1.4 in June 2022 vs April 2022. Powered by Microsoft Advertising’s first-party data and artificial intelligence (AI) horsepower, Lenskart’s campaign witnessed full-funnel impact, effectively tying customer queries with the brand’s online communication.

Breaking new ground with numbers that speak for themselves

Example of Lenskart Dynamic Search Ad on the search engine results page.

By the end of quarter in June 2022, the brand’s ROAS score increased by 5x and Lenskart was able to achieve a ROAS of 1.40. With DSA, Lenskart was able to identify high-value search terms, new keywords, and audiences with a high commercial intent, which reflected in its bottom-funnel metrics.

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