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Growth marketing, SEM and your business

While the concept of growth marketing can seem complex, the goal is simple: Find the best possible new customers for your business. While all businesses benefit from more customers, growth marketing can be especially critical for startups and SMBs, which often need to grow quickly to keep up with competitors in a dense marketplace or to attract and satisfy investors.   
The benefits of growth marketing may be easy to see, but they can be hard to achieve. How much of your budget should go toward advertising? How do you make sure your advertising budget is being used effectively? How do you make sure potential customers are seeing your ads?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a great place to start

Unlike radio spots, billboards, print ads and other traditional methods that may go unseen or ignored by your target audience, SEM helps ensure every bit of your budget is put to work by charging your account only when your ad is clicked. 
SEM also offers measurable results to show how your campaigns are performing and help you optimize them to drive more clicks, more conversions and a higher return on investment. 

Where to begin with SEM?

One way to get started with SEM is to build your first campaign around a specific goal. Let’s look at some of these goals and how SEM can help you achieve them:
Gain new customers: By placing a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag on your site, you can keep track of searchers who have visited before, made a purchase, abandoned a shopping cart and more. You can then use remarketing lists or remarketing exclusions to target searchers who have begun but not finished a purchase, or those who have yet to visit your site. This can help you avoid spending valuable advertising budget on existing customers.
Attract more foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store: With time, day and location targeting, you can choose when and where to show your ads, including the option to show them only to mobile searchers near your store during business hours.
Sell more products online: Showcase your products and services with Product Ads and Bing Shopping Campaigns. Product Ads have a larger presence on the page and can help provide a greater impact than text ads. Bing Shopping Campaigns can help you manage them efficiently and effectively. 

Want to dive deeper into growth marketing?

Whether you’re just getting started with growth marketing or want to take your current strategy to the next level, SEM could be the key to finding your ideal customers. 
To learn more about how SEM can support your business’ goals, download our Growth Marketing Guide and register for the Growth Marketing for SMBs and Startups webcast series.